Parklean Crew Waterless Car Wash

Parklean Crew Waterless Car Wash

Parklean Crew Waterless Car Wash

Last year, I had my first waterless car wash experience. It was really something new for me and I was impressed with the results. However, they were too far from my home which would mean that in exchange for saving the environment, I’d have to sacrifice time and fuel.

While browsing through the different group buying deals, I chanced upon a deal for a waterless car wash (offered by a different group). The first thing I noticed was that they are based in Makati and offer home service. This got me curious so I started to research about them. Unfortunately, I was only able to find 1 blog post about them and their Facebook page. So the next thing I did was to contact them via their Facebook page to know more about the service and they offered me a free trial. We scheduled a common time for the waterless car wash.

Parklean Crew uses imported products from Freedom waterless car wash solutions ( The procedure was similar my experience however they started the procedure with a small brush to brush away the dirt that clung to the vehicle. This brushing already reduced the visibility of the dirt spots on the car. The next step would be the actual cleaning where they would spray the solution to the micro-fiber towel and also all over the car. Then the rubbing/polishing of the car begins. Fast forward to 30-40 minutes… and voila! We got a clean and shiny car.

So what can we say about the results? I was again impressed! When Jessa, saw it, she said “Wow!” and I believe that’s the first time I heard her say that (if you are reading this, correct me if I’m wrong).

As for their rates,

Size Prize
Small (compact cars) PHP 160
Medium (sedans) PHP 190
Large (AUV) PHP 240
X-Large (SUV) PHP 300

With this, I can now replace my wash-and-wax routine and I can get the service at the comfort of my home at a lower cost.

Thank you Parklean Crew for this opportunity to try out your service.

Till next time,


Just dial:
904-6889 (landline)
0915-969-7469 or 0929-324-5501

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