Paying my Philhosting webhosting fees using 2Checkout

I initially bought my webhosting account at Philhosting at PHP275 for 6 months. Late December 2007, I got an email from Philhosting that I need to renew my webhosting account because it’s expiring. So I went to their website to look for ways to pay for my bill and I discovered that they now have three ways in which you can pay your bill.

  1. Pay using Bank Deposit
  2. Pay using Paypal
  3. Pay using

Since I was lazy to do a Bank Deposit, I tried to pay through paypal but I received this error from paypal.

*This recipient does not accept payments denominated in USD. Please contact
the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept
this currency.*

I opened a support ticket about this to them and they told me that they are having problems with paypal so my only options were Bank Deposit or using 2checkout. I’m still lazy to do a bank deposit so I tried 2checkout. It’s my first time using this but it was very easy doing the transaction.

From what I understand, 2checkout is like a middle man between you, paypal and the one you are going to send money. If a paypal transaction looks like this,

You (send paypal) Receiver

2Checkout’s transaction would look like this;

You (send paypal) 2Checkout (send paypal) Receiver

Here’s the result of my transaction that saved me a jeepney fare to the bank.

2checkout payment for philhosting Jnauary 2008

Just wanted to share with you my experience. 🙂

I can say that I’m amazed at Philhosting’s Customer support because they reply fast however, if only there was less downtimes. You can read my review of Philhosting’s services here.

Note: Have you noticed something new in the blog? A little hint, look at the address bar. hehe

5 thoughts on “Paying my Philhosting webhosting fees using 2Checkout

    1. Hi Ambo,

      In terms of service, I’ll talk about uptime. They do have downtimes from time to time. Last year, my uptimes were ranging from 90% to 98%. It’s really frustrating when you want to check your blog and you get a server not found error.

      In terms of customer service, they are fast in replying. I’ve been reading some articles where they say PhilHosting does not reply or has poor customer service, but in my experience, my supports gets answered within the day (after a few hours actually).

      I hope this helps. 🙂

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