Paypal in Philippine Peso

Paypal in Philippine Peso

Today I just learned that we can have a paypal money with my local currency, Philippine Peso. I did some research and it has been available since late 2009. (Was I living under a rock since then? LoL)

In this way, I do not have to convert the money to dollars and suffer from the foreign exchange rates.

This means more buying power for me! Group Buying Websites prepare!

2 thoughts on “Paypal in Philippine Peso

  1. I didn’t know that peso is available in paypal but it is good thing to know. It is because I could be able to choose if I want peso or dollars when I receive money from paypal. On the second thought, I need to verify my paypal first.

  2. ako din lately ko lang nalaman, nalaman ko lang nung sinabi sa akin ng kaibigan ko na in-peso daw yung bayad sa kanya sa paypal and i wonder kung totoo yun, ang sabi ko sa kanya dollars kasi natatanggap ko eh. ngayon lang talaga ako naniwala ng nabasa ko yung post mo heheh. totoo pala.

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