Personal Preference KDrama

Personal Preference KDrama

Personal Preference KDrama

Also known as Personal Taste or Perfect Match.

After getting lots of recommendation to watch this kdrama, I started watching it and enjoyed it too! Personal Taste (I’m used to calling it in this name rather than Personal Preference) brings together two famous stars which are…

Lee Min Ho (Jeon Jin Ho)

Are you familiar with this guy? Clue: Rich Spoiled Brat… ok… more clues, Boys Over Flowers… and oh well, Lee Min Ho portrayed Gu Jun-pyo in Boys Over Flowers. Well Jin Ho here is no longer a rich guy but someone who tries to make his architect firm more successful but he faces a strong competition. He needs to win a big project so he pretends to be gay to get more insider info on the concept of the house he wishes to use for the project… but for how long can he pretend to be one?

Son Ye Jin (Park Gae In)

A veteran actress from the movies ¬†“the classic“, “a moment to remember” and the kdrama “summer scent“. Gae-in lives in a house that has been built by a famous architect and has never been opened to public. She’s someone who would put her trust in someone very easily and that makes people take advantage of her. She allows Jin Ho to be a bed spacer at her home because she believes that Jin Ho is gay…but what if she finds out that he isn’t what she think he is?

Now we move on to the plot…

Jin Ho needs to win a big project in order to save his architect firm and he joined a bidding where the best design would win the project. He is against Chang Ryul who’s leading a big architect firm and who’s father uses dirty tactics to win these¬†bidding. When they realize that one of the judges is a famous architect, they researched his works and found a house that was built by that architect. Jin Ho wanted to study the concept of the house to know more about the taste of the famous architect so he tried to get to know the person living in that house (Gae In).

See preview of gayness! lol


Due to his luck (or bad luck), he was caught in an unexpected circumstance where Gae In’s friend thought he was gay. This led to Gae In trusting him enough to be her roommate so Jin Ho took advantage of this. Gae In was recently dumped by her cheating boyfriend (Chang Ryul) who was with her former room mate (In hee). Gae In was devastated and she requests Jin Ho to make her into a woman who has the confidence and won’t beg for a guy’s attention. Jin Ho accepts and starts to lecture her although his lies and pretending gets bigger and bigger. What makes it more complicated is that… Jin Ho starts to fall for Gae In which will make him choose between his career (continue to pretend as a gay) or love (falling for Gae In).

There are more plot twists to the story that made me laugh hard and anticipate on the next twist that will be revealed.

I liked this show especially the first half of it while the second half just couldn’t live up to what the first half already established. I guess, when switching focuses, it is hard to maintain the same level of “quality” but overall, I’m still satisfied with the show. You can see some real life situations such as … pretending to be someone you are not in order to get something, how some children do their best at something in order to please their parents, how love can make someone change from good to bad or vice versa (lol).

Go and watch this show!

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Personal Preference KDrama

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