Peter Answers – How I got fooled!

Last weekend, me and my cousins were preparing to sleep when one of my cousins suddenly told me about Peter Answers. I have no idea about it so I decided to see what it is all about.

How I got fooled

We went into the PeterAnswers website located at You will ask Peter a question and Peter will answer it for you. But before you can ask the question, you have to type in a petition. The weird part here is that, Peter actually manages to answer the question even if it is a personal question!!!

I was asking some questions and it was getting answered. I was wondering what magic is this? Two personal questions of mine got answered so I tried a more personal question ..and guess what, Peter was not able to answer the question… bwahahha.. knowing that the gig is up, my cousin told me how it works….

How PeterAnswers manages to answer your question? the secret revealed…

Warning..spoiler alert… if you don’t want to spoil your fun, stop reading now.. but if you want to know the secret behind PeterAnswers, go ahead and read..

Basically, the secret lies in the petition. The petition is always, “Peter please answer the question” or something similar. However, even if you don’t type those words, it will still show those words if you press the secret button which happens to be the “.” (period) key.

When you press “.” button on the petition box for the first time, it turns on the “secret text mechanism” where whatever you type, the petition box will still show “Peter, please answer the question”. This is also your cue to write the answer for the question you will ask. Pressing the “.” key again will stop the secret text mechanism and everything will go back to normal. Now you type in your question, which the answer has already been written in the petition box.

Did you get it? Now, in order to trick your friends, let them focus on the screen and not on your hands. Also make sure that the questions you will ask, you know the answer else you will fail. ^^

How Peter can help you get traffic for your blog

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14 thoughts on “Peter Answers – How I got fooled!

  1. I couldn’t get the to work for me. I probably was just doing it wrong, but I filled out the petition, “Peter, please answer:” and then typed in a question with a “?” at the end and then I couldn’t interact with the box anymore.

    Oh well, it sounded fun šŸ˜‰

  2. a pleasant hello to khate espana 21 of age single im a student of BUTUAN DOCTORS COLLEGE.Taken up question is how can make my petition?TNX…

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