Philippine Customs Horror Stories

Philippine Customs Horror Stories

I have this fear of buying items overseas because of the Philippine Customs Horror Stories that I have read in several websites.

I have recently started using ebay to search for items that I want to buy. I am lazy to go to shops so I simply go online. However, there are some items that unfortunately, aren’t sold by local sellers here in the Philippines so my only option was to buy overseas (usually Hong Kong or China). Another advantage of buying internationally because some items are much cheaper there.

I did some readings and researched on how to get items from international sellers and to my surprise, instead of reading instructions, I have read horror stories of corruption.

Basically, to buy from online sellers, here are the steps to receive the item.

  1. Seller will ship the item to your address via airmail (may or may not offer tracking number – usually shipping with tracking number costs more but you can haggle. Also note that the tracking number is only valid while the item is in transit. When the item arrives at the Philippines, you cannot track it anymore unless you used a courier service like DHL, FEDEX)
  2. Once your item arrives at the Philippines, either it will be on Customs or in the Postal office
  3. You can claim your item after paying fees

Seems easy right? But why do I see so many stories on how hard it is to do Step 2 and Step 3? Here are the things that I have read.

  • Customs will charge you with very expensive fees which they call tax (they may or may not give you a receipt)
  • Items has been opened, tampered or even stolen from your parcel (you can research on google adsense check stolen by post office)

This really made me skeptical though I recently bought an item from Ebay. I am really crossing my fingers that I will be spared by those crocodiles sitting in that office .. else, well, it would be lesson learned for me and of course, another post.

Please share your Philippine Customs Horror Stories here.

Read here on How the Bureau of Customs Spoiled the Fun for Mr Abe of Yugatech. I guess it really shows on how they respond is who they are.

Beware of buying toys from abroad. Customs will tax your item 100% more than the item price + shipping.

A digital media player from Singapore was taxed around 50% of the price by Customs. Read the whole story and see how they compute your taxes. Another item shipped, and got again 50% of the item price worth of taxes.

Random Tax on N900 by Bureau of Customs.

Tax on action figure toys.

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  1. i hope meron online listing ng rate of duty ng mga items. (eto yung pagcompute ng customs duty). pinakita sa akin ito sa post office ang kapal ng libro sobra parang lumang encyclopedia. nakasulat dun kung ilang percent ang rate of duty ng cellphones, damit, raw materials, appliance, etc.

    mas safe pa rin magpadeliver via fedex kasi sila mananagot kung damaged or nawala yung item mo.

  2. The last 6 mos I bought 5-6 items from ebay. Mostly clothes (jackets and coats) and 2 watches. I got one watch for my mom worth 1,200 pesos thru ebay and she got it thru post with just a P35 fee. I got another watch for myself at the same price but I was asked to pay P850.

    Syempre no choice but to pay for it considering I got the items from the same seller, same month (different dates) and was delivered to the same address. I dunno what prompted them to change the ‘fee’ or whatever that’s called.

  3. crossing my fingers for my iPhone. was sent from a friend of mine back in California thru USPS First Class Mail/Registered last March 09,2010. Will see if i get it in a month.

  4. nako goodluck nalang sa USPS, basta sa post office malabo yan makarating.. my bf sent me last december branded wallets, clothes, a juicer, a digicam and other stuffs.. nakarating on time in the phils, but pagdating ng customs sinabi may problema daw, declared naman lahat ng laman, in short wala kaming nakuha kahit isa sa items, san napunta? ewan baka pinanregalo ng mga taga customs nung xmas..

  5. hindi na ako gumagamit ng FEDEX and DHL sa pag deliver ng door 2 door item sa Pilipinas kase ang laki ng TAX na linalagay nila hindi ko alam kung bakit kailangan pa nila mag lagay ng storage fees at mataas na TAX..

    oo safe mag padala sa FEDEX at DHL pero mamumulubi ka sa hidden fees na linalagay nila..

    so I don’t use FEDEX and DHL anymore because of their hidden charges fees which is not acceptable..

  6. they charging me about 40% of my package and only except bank checks. FedEx is slow at giving us notice so we’ll end up paying for storage fees in additional. We can’t get the package until the check is cleared! They don’t except cash. Lesson for me is I’ll NEVER order anything from abroad again at least that’s worth anything.

    1. That is total nonsense on the custom’s part. Please do not believe anything they say. They should be able to justify all their fees else they are just extorting you.

  7. that’s the problem with Philippine Govt.
    why would they charge Filipinos on items for personal use?dapat my rule cla when to tax items…like if its just 5pcs would you think its for commercial and resale purposes?why dont they just be strict on those Chinese/Korean/Taiwanese na yumayaman doing business here in Philipines?kung sana di nakakalusot sa tax duties ang mga ito sa laki ba nmn ng tax ng govt lahat mga ito think na almost all items here are from china.bakit cla ang yumayaman sa bansa natin at mga filipino lalo naghihirap?kc mga filipino more than half ng pera napupunta sa tax…tax sa sa lahat ng consumable goods like food and those other basic needs at CUSTOM TAX…. tax na sinisingil nila sa mga manufacturers diba pinapasa din satin mga Filipino consumers?sana lng ung di nacocorrupt..and sana fair ang treatment…dapat nga first priority ang mga filipino citizen..dapat always FIlipino firstbefore foreign…kaya lang kahit san anggulo lagi talo pinoy…gusto ba nila lagi second priority ang mga pinoy at maging alila ng banyaga sa sariling bansa…this custom thing very much symbolises this “filipino as second priority in their own country”..

  8. i also have experience like this with custom..i bought silver accessories on ebay worth $40 +$20 shiping … its not even solid silver me and 2 other housemates got it same time to save on shipping..but it turned out that custom tax is more expensive than the item cost..ok na sana kung reasonable..kaso may nakasabay ako my mga wrist watches na package,kaso nag introduce na pamangkin ng friend nya..kunyari pinapasok kasama namin sa room for tax computation..pero pagpasok sa loob inabot lng ang claim stub then hola…wala kame naiwan with all computation for something we’ll use inis ko..sinabi ko sa officer “ganun?di mo ba frend tita ko..cge inyo nlng package ko..mas mahal pa yan sa bili ko..sana mag enjoy kau” sabay talikod….heheheh..tignan lng natin after a month pag iclaim ko at wala cla mailabas…hehehe..naisip ko tuloy strategy lang un para wag na iclaim mga package..lalo na pag ordinary pinoy pinadalhan regalo..mag aksaya ba un tubusin package nya for 3thousand pesos???para ka lang nawalan ng wallet may laman piso at ID…tubusin mo kung gusto mo maibalik ID disgusting…

  9. @calvin ako din nakita ko ding yung makapal na libro, grabe dahil sa ayaw kong maloko ng ganun ganun lang, nagcompute cia sa harapan ko kung bakit ganun yung custom fee, even insisted for official receipt which he had given naman..mahal talaga ang custom tax..

  10. i want to order din from Hong Kong. i don’t know where to get it kung na ship na sya dito sa Philippines. I am from Batangas. Any idea? Thanks! 😀

  11. I just received a $17.00 dollar train track from the U. S.. The customs tax was P1275.00, Cargohaus,inc. charged me gcr storage fee P101.17,service charge P1.38, deconsolidation fee P238.50, documentation fee P15.00, spl release fee (336.75, plus vat (12%)P88.55 for a total of P826.45. Air 21 Had to get their hands into every thing with a customs form and stamps P315.00, for a grand total of P2,398.45. The toy train track was made in China to the U. S. then to the Philippines. The cost of shipping thru Fed-Ex was $80.00 dollars.
    Their is now wonder that no one from the out side wants to set up business here in the Philippines.

  12. Hi guys, nakaka-relate ako sa heart aches niyo regarding custom charge. i am an online seller, and this is the first batch of orders sa shop ko. i bought items from an online shop abroad and the total cost is 23.29 USD (item price+shipping fee is included) .. i was kinda shocked when they sent me a message telling me that i must pay 15 USD (690php) for custom charge. but then, since the items were already shipped (via FEDEX), i chose na harapin na lang ang pangyayari at bayaran ang dapat bayaran. i tracked my package and the ETA is on Juyl 2,2010 at around 6pm.

    Then, just this noon, i got a phone call from Fedex telling me that the package will arrive tomorrow nga and i have to pay 2,189.85 for the custom charge!!! MY GOODNESS! i got more shocked kasi sa 690 lang shocked na ko, sa 2k pa kaya!? sobra! and you know what guys, ang laman lang ng package na un eh 2 dress(es) and 1 shirt na ibebenta ko lang din naman. ang kita ko lang eh nasa 100+ tapos ang gastos ko, halos 15x ng kita ko. WOW !

    sana maisama din ito sa mga pagbabago na makakamit natin from Aquino Administration. hay!!

    By the way, meron po ba dito nakaka alam if magkano ang charge pag sa post office? mahal din po ba? salamat. 🙂

    *i’m planning to claim the package tomorrow since my customer has been expecting for her order last week pa* WHEW!

    1. sad to hear your experience. When you get it from Customs, expect heavy and unreasonable taxes. However, when you get it from the Post Office, expect around PHP30 only. I don’t know how they filter out items that lands in customs and in the post office though.

  13. magulo ang situwasyon dahil ayaw niyo muna mag-research bago mag-angkat. una, lahat ng importasyon may buwis maliban sa exempted sa batas. ikalawa, ang computation ng duties ay base sa transaction value, freight at other charges – cost, insurance and freight na bansa tayo, CIF. pangatlo, ang porsiyento ng buwis ay base sa ASEAN harmonized tariff nomenclature (AHTN) na kadalasan ay nasa 0 to 7 percent ang duty rate. mas malaki ang VAT – na kinokolekta lamang ng customs dahil ito ay galing sa National Internation Revenue Code – BIR na batas pero customs ang nangongolekta dahil importasyon ang pinag-uusapan.

    yan ang basic facts.

    bakit ba ayaw ninyo magbayad ng buwis samantalang malinaw naman kahit saan kayo bumili na magpapatong ng buwis ang gobyerno. pati sa freight may caution pa: freight does not include duties and taxes unless ang kinuha mo ay DDP – deliver duty paid.

    kagagaling ninyo tumira, lumalabas kayo ang may sala. kayo at ang inyong makikitid na utak ninyo.

    1. Dear Ramon,

      This is a very late reply on the thread but I want to share my story. I was given 2 pcs of books and shipped thru fedex. I was charge storage fee and form fee in the amount of 893.57 pesos. on top of this. they are charging for duties and taxes. the 12%VAT. for a total amount of 3,065 pesos!

      According to Customs Memorandum 10-2012 and Dept of Finance Dept Order No 57-2011 under the terms of the Florence Agreement and under the National Internal Revenue Code, and under the Tariff & Customs Code of the Philippines Section 105(s) >>> books are exempt from any importation duties and taxes.

      Meron din naman tayong alam na kaunti. Siguro naman ay wala akong sala sa parteng ito.

      Iyung mga taga-Fedex at mga customs examiners, kung puwede ay huwag na ninyo pahirapan ang mga tao lalo na sa mga libro na package na dumarating. release na lang ninyo automatically.

  14. Wow, after reading your comments mamamatay na ako sa kaba. I ordered a watch from Japan and they ship it via ems 8,000 pesos ang halaga kasama na shipping.

    Magkano kaya ang itatax sa akin? do you guys have computation

  15. ang saya, my Australian boss sent me free contact lenses. Asar, P@#$! Halos 75% nung declared price yung tax amount na inimpose ng customs! Baket???!!! I got free merchandise pero it’s as if i’m purchasing it from customs! I got a call from dhl that my delivery is already available and if I don’t take it, they’re gonna charge me over 400 pesos for storage fee. It’s infuriating! Kaya naman pala ang daming smugglers. It’s insane how high taxes are. It’s like customs telling you : “You can’t just have nice stuff, bilin mo muna samin, mas mahal nga lang. Pasalamat ka nga buo yang items mo eh, usually binabawasan namin yan, sinisira or pag type namin, kunwari na lang nawala.”

  16. Di sa ayaw namin mag-bayad ng tax..di kasi malinaw o transparent, o consistent ang tax collection..nadadaan sa kompromiso dahil sa talamak na kurapsiyon sa kagawaran ng Customs.

    Mga ungas kasi bumoto kay Recto para patawan ng VAT ang importation samantalang may pre-existing na TAX/DUTIES na nga.

  17. Bought a martial arts uniform from the US & had it delivered via USPS priority. Dumating naman sya in 10 days. Kaso naman siningil ako ng customs tax na 15 % at E-vat na 12 %. 150USD yung item at yung shipping 40USD. So the tax was computed with the value of the item PLUS yung USPS shipping fee. WTF? So kung ang binayaran ko ay mga 9,oooPHP sa item & shipping, yung tax na siningil sa akin ay 3000. Kaasar.

  18. this is the reason why Philippines will never ever and ever will be able to move on to the next level of trading. and since from the beginning of time trading is the livelihood of human being and Philippine gov. is killing the trade by charging high taxes to the importing goods even with the just a price of a 1pcs of ballpen (30 pesos) importing into philppines customs will charge you for more or less 2k pesos if the item look expensive… hello Philippines when are you going to wake up. if you continue doing this trading will be dead in the Philippines.

  19. if i where you guys I will stop doing trade in the Philippines or stop importing goods in the Philippines so that there will be no tax will be collected by this customs and will stop having a good lifestyle because of there extremely corruptness..we have to boycott so that they will realize what they are doing is very very wrong.

    let us stop importing good no trade no tax collection.

  20. One of my friends sent me an iPhone via New Zealand Post November 28th, 2010, anong date na ngayon? January 2, 2011 na. I’m thinking na siguro di na makakarating sakin kasi nagustuhan na ng Customs ung iPhone.

  21. Ganyan talaga sa Bureau of Customs kaya maraming mga officials jan na unexplainable kung paano nila nakuha ang wealth nila. Kung may bibilhin kayo na items sa ibang bansa, mas okay kung may relatives/friends kayo na mapapakiusapan nyo na bilhin yung item at dalhin sa baggage nila pag-uwi nila. Mas di hamak na hindi ka matataxan sa ganoong paraan kaysa sa ipa-ship ninyo dito sa Pilipinas.

  22. no.. we should not pay the tax sa Bureau of Customs if it’s for personal use! so kami pa ang bobo ngaun? kami pa ang makitid ang utak? OMG! that’s why we buy things sa ibang lugar coz it’s way way cheaper.. and we need to save money coz naghihirap na tayo ngaun.. and now the customs will hold the package just for us to pay tax for the things we bought for personal usage! owh come on! is it worth it bah? NO it’s not coz kung gaano ka cheap ung item na binili namin ganun din ka super high ng singil ng customs.. and it’s not even reasonable kasi sabi nila we need tax para umangat ang ating bansa.. umangat bah? o lalo nyo lang pinapahirapan ang mga tao sa ating bansa? customs shud think twice..

  23. I just wish Philippino Government & Custom should just roll over and die if there’s one government agency Noynoy should start doing an overhaul its the Bureau of Custom & BIR…this is where the devilish crooks work. Items bought as gifts shouldnt be taxes….lalo na certain things people buy….I just wanted to post cause I’m so pissed off…got a gift from my boyfriend ended up payign 3000…might as well have bought a bag or something at like Charles & Keith or Liz Claiborne….KAYA NGA GIFT REGALO….NEXT TIME DAPAT SA DEPARTMENT STORE MAGPAKITA NG WORK ID…PAG MGA TAGA-CUSTOM AT BIR DAGDAGAAN ANG TAX NILA PRA MALAMAN NILA ANG FEELING NG GINAGAWA NILA. MGA BUWAYA TALAGA ANG MGA TAGA CUSTOMS.

    1. Nope, they won’t improve but they might even make it worse as they will pay for the customs charges and charge it to you. You can try some forwarders instead 😀

  24. Hi guys! gusto ko lang ishare yung experience ko sa post office pati sa customs pag nagpadala via fedex. Parehas lang na garapal yang mga yan, pag alam nilang electronics, toy, relo o basta alam nilang mamahalin haharangin talaga nila. bumili ako ng sunglasses $15 dollars ang declared value dpa kasama dun yung shipping pagdating dito siningil ako ng 2500 pesos ng fedex bago nila dalhin dito. Para sa 15 dollars siningil ako ng ganun, kasama sa computation nila yung binayad mo sa shipping. sa post office naman bukod sa di sila maingat mag handle ng items parehas din silang maningil, nagpadala ako ng toy figure via EMS worth $15 usd nakarating sa bahay namin tapos bumili ulit ako ng parehas na item after a month hinarang yung item ko tapos siningil ako ng 800 pesos. nangatwiran ako na bakit hindi ako na tax sa isang item pinakita ko pa yung resibo ko dati pero bastos pa sumagot yung kausap ko. sa post office kung mapagtripan talaga yung item mo haharangin talaga. ang hindi ko talaga ma gets bakit kasama sa computation nila yung binabayad ko sa shipping? anung sense nun eh bayad ko yung serbisyo nun?

  25. Hoy ramon! ayos mga banat mo ah. baki ka ba pinoy. cguro taga customs kaya tinatamaan ka. scam naman talaga un iba, sobra nilalagay na tax. ayusn mo din yan utak mo wag ka bastsa bsta magccomment ng ganyan..di lahat sinabe mo ay tama. buti nalang di ko nakikita yan pagmumuka mo.,

  26. @ramon: di nga ma explain ibang charges,kupal ka rin no. this is a free country, kaya may blog para sa mga reklamo. cguro tga customs ka talaga. kurarot ng pagmumuka mo. perwisyo sa bayan at walang kwenta ang tulad nyo. sabi mismo ng taga post office ng las pinas, pede nman pag usapan ung charges, baka magbigay discount. ano un? un ba ang fair, kung totoo un taxes na yan, bakit pde pagusapan at may discount.

  27. tama ka elalang. I see your point. It is really disgusting. Ramon, the reason why the Philippines is not improving at all is because of those crocodiles and I am sure you know it too well. Gusto ko sanang mag umpisa ng sale of european food stuff dahil napansin ko na mas mura pa ang ibang products sa europe kaysa sa atin at quality wise, so much better and genuine. Kahit sana 10 to 25 centavos ang gain ko sa isang item but I am just so scared sa comments ninyo regarding custom and taxation. It would end up selling the item double price para lang ma makuha and buying price. Horror talaga. Huwag nalang, instead of helping the commom consumers, ma punta lahat sa corrupt. Any encouragement from you guys? Thanks

  28. Hi to all,

    I have encounter at san juan post office right now my relatives in germany send as package when we claiming the item the employee of post office ask for 3,000.00 for that small box that containing baby dress for my baby, post office employee said also if there no receipt he can give the package half the price that he asking.

  29. Hello guys! Gusto ko lang magshare ulit na nagpadala ako ng watch via fedex, yung una siningil ako ng 1200(tax palang po ito! hindi pa kasama yung storage fee etc). Bumili ulit ako ng parehas na watch after a week tapos tinawagan ako ng fedex ang singil sa akin 1900 pesos. Ang tanong ko lang kung ano ang basehan nila sa pag compute ng tax? Parehas yung declared value, parehas rin yung presyo pati weight so bakit mas mataas yung pangalawa? Pati gusto ko lang po makatulong kapag nagpadala kayo via fedex, palagi nyo po i track sa fedex yung item nyo. Kapag nakita nyo sa tracking “for customs clearance” huwag nyo napo antayin na dalhin sa bahay nyo. Kasi ang charge po nila sa storage fee kapag sa fedex kayo nagpadala ay 400pesos a day. Kaya tanungin nyo kung pwede kayo na mismo kumuha. Ang binayaran ko po ay 1900 sa tax tapos 1600 SA STORAGE FEE kaya 3500 po. Dapat sa customs maghasik ng lagim sila Zaldy ampatuan!

    1. hindi po customs ang may kasalanan sa nangyari sa inyo kundi kayo rin po. Dapat po kasi inalam po muna ninyo ang procedure bago po kayo nag-isip mag-import. marami po kasing process bago ka makapag-import. And kapag hindi tama ang proseso ng importation, dyan na po nagkakaron ng mga matataas na charges. Kasi po ginagawan po ng paraan ng mga courier services na ma-clear-out yan sa customs, kaya yung mga kulang na papers nilalagyan na lang po nila ang mga evaluators like customs examiner para po ma-release kaagad ang goods ninyo. Mas makakamura po sana kayo if inalam po muna ninyo ang steps ng pagpapadala ng mga taxable goods. Saka po kayo mag-reklamo if you are truly aware of the law at sigurado pong tama ang procedure ninyo. Salamat po.


  30. Sir Ruben di ko po maintindihan kung ano po ang punto nyo kasi kinokontra nyo po ang sarili nyo. Sabi nyo po may lagayan na nagaganap edi inamin mo rin na may mali sa customs kaya kahit alam mo yung batas bale wala rin dahil corrupt nga sila. Matagal nako nabile online at hindi naman ako umiiwas magbayad ng tax, ang hiling ko lang ay ang customs mismo ang sumunod sa guidelines nila sa paniningil. pano mo ipapaliwanag na parehas na item magkaiba ang singil ng tax? alam ko naman ang batas pati procedure ng pagpapadala dito pero dko yata maintindihan ang sinabi nyo na “makakamura” ako kung alam ko, dahil nasa kamay parin ng customs examiner na duty ng araw na iyon kung magkano ang value ng item nyo. minsan suwerte ka minsan malas yun po ang “process” na sinasabi nyo. Salamat din po.

  31. share lang poh…yung bf po kasi ng ate q..ngsent ng package and mga laman po nun is..gadgets, electronics and accesories… via air cargo po…galing po xa ng UK..expexted delivery po is nung december 18 p sana..but until now, wala pa..grabe..nasan n kaya ung mga un..nung ng-inquire po aq sa post ofis sabi po nila usually nasa customs daw, either tinago na nila or ewn..dapat naman po kasi ayusin nila ang service nila dun…grabe….lalo na po sa customs…maawa naman kau…

  32. share lang po…ung bf fiance ko nagpadala sa akin ng package last dec.8,2011 pa tpos nagcheck ako ssa internet regarding don sa tracking # na binigay nya kasi dapat marereceive ko na ung package 10 days according to my fiance dahil priority un nlagay nya thru usps but until now wla pa din ung package ko..i tried to call the postal office para malamn ko kung nasan na ung package then cnbi nla nsa custom pa daw grabe ang tagal na nasa custom un dec.24,2011 pa nkalagay s record ng ems ung package ko then now tumawag ako sa postal office cnbi na nakapila na daw sa custom at ifollow-up kn lng daw uli the other day kelan naman kaya un pag tunaw na ung chocolates,pag wala na ung camcorder,cellphone at bag ko..sana naman maging honest cla sa mga kababayan nla ung package na pinapadala ng taga ibang bansa smin hindi nla pinupulot un para mabili at maipadala halos pagipunan at pag hirapan nla un..Maawa naman kayo mga taga custom!

  33. I've had items from play-asia (shipped from HK) worth 55.60usd… my shipping charges (hidden charges and up-front from Fedex and customs)… 57.50usd.

    I'm now trying to contest / request for recomputation as it's already double the price. Screw this system… you try to go the honest way of importing things and they still shoot you from all sides.

  34. Hi! Im a fashion blogger nagpadala ung isang online shop sakin from malaysia ng 1 pair of SPONSORED contact lens para ireview ko . Im expecting it to arrive within this month , may tax pa ba yun kahit bigay sayo? I need some answers , baka kasi may tax yun at mas mataas pa sa item price.

    1. Hello Vince, that would depend on how they package it. If the item will arrive via post office, then you will just need to pay PHP30 but if it will arrive via customs, then prepare your wallet as those crocs will try to make money off you.

  35. I've recently bought a 10USD worth of iPhone case (1pc) from Hong Kong. Suddenly, I've received an alert that the value of my product is 200USD and I should pay 1500 worth of tax! BULLSHIT right? A simple iPhone case (1pc) worth 200usd??? Super stupid and super CORRUPT!

    I'm also gonna contest this case kase sobrang overpriced ng tax and it's funny somehow na they raised the value to 200USD for a single iphone case.

  36. UGH! this year we shipped stuff from Cyprus its in a 20 ft. container including 77 boxes. its just 2nd hand personal goods. And when it arrived to customs. They asked us to pay unbelievably 112 thousand +

    Customs clearance PHP 26,000.00
    Delivery fee (from MNL to Cavite) PHP 15,000.00
    + 12% vat PHP 4,920.00

    Terminal Handling PHP 9,155.40
    Duty & Tax PHP 43,972.50
    Bank charge PHP 250.00
    100 % Examination PHP 8,307.40

    Charges up to October 22**
    Arrastre, wharfage, storage PHP 4,771.20

    Total PHP 112,376.50

    ugghhhhh. SPEECHLESS.

  37. ALSO. i ordered some items from UK, and it cost me about 14-15k for them and had to ship here to the Philippines. So i was tracking it coz this shop from UK used DHL for shipping. Well shipping and handling fee cost me 1k, which is i already paid when i purchased these stuffs. Then when it came into MNL in customs they called me and asking me to pay 6k for them to release them. Well when it arrived at home customs didnt give any receipt. So corrupt aint it?.

  38. i buy tablet in online shopping it should be arrive on dec. 2012. its been 2months and my gadget is still not here the post office said that my gadget maybe still in the customs. what should I do?


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