Planning on getting a new domain

This will be a series of posts that retells the story on how this website,, came to be. It will start from the planning process until the time when was born and was online.

Chatting gave me the idea

I never thought that I would be buying my own domain name and web hosting. I did not even consider it since I was happy with the free hosts such as wordpress and blogger. My mindset changed when I got to chat with my friend, Whaley Sabalilag.

It started when we were chatting about our blogs. He has his own domain while I was just using blogger. Since he has his own domain, I was thinking, what if I will get my own domain too? Because of that, I asked him a lot of questions about what you can do in a paid hosting. He explained a lot of things and I got an information overload because of that. I could just remember CPANEL. Wely also told me of several content manage systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Ruby on Rails. I decided that I will be using wordpress as my content management system since I had experience with it from Thanks Wely!

Responses from PinoyBlogosphere Groups

I was still undecided whether I should get one or not. I posted a question on the groups asking the advantages and disadvantages of free hosting vs paid hosting. I learned a lot from the various replies I got from the members of the group and it added more to the favor of getting my own hosting. Thanks everyone!

Pinoy Blogero Shares his thoughts

I was just idling around my computer when I got this new friend request in Yahoo Messenger. It was from Pinoy Blogero himself. It seems that he has read my question on the PinoyBlogosphere groups. He told me about the perks of having my own hosting and gave me tips on which was best for me, free or paid. He also explained to me about domains and some possible web hosting companies in the Philippines. After our chat, I have decided that I will be getting my own domain. Thanks Mr. Pinoy Blogero. ^_^