Play Ikariam – Free Browser Game

Ikariam – Free Browser Game

One of the things that has been utilizing my time nowadays is the online game Ikariam. Allow me to give you an overview of Ikariam and we’ll see if you would like to play it too.

Ikariam Free Browser Game
Ikariam Free Browser Game

Introduction to Ikariam

Ikariam is a free text/image browser game. If you have played games such as Age of Empires, Empire Earth, then you would be familiar with the concept of Ikariam. Every player in Ikariam is a ruler and you start with one town in an island shared by many people. Here you can gather resources, build buildings, do research, expand your towns and lastly go to war with other people.

Each town has a certain number of citizens depending on the size of your town hall. These citizens will generate gold for you unless you give them tasks such as to study in an academy, chop wood or gather resources.


Aside from gold which is the currency, there are five main resources in Ikariam.

  • Wood – Wood is used in buildings. You will need a lot of these always if you want to keep on growing.
  • Marble – Marble is also used in buildings. Same importance as wood.
  • Wine – Wine is used to make your people happy. This is a very valuable resource because without it, your town will not grow with citizens.
  • Crystal – Crystal is used for research purposes.
  • Sulfur – Sulfur is what you will need to build units and ships.

Ikariam Research

There are four branches of research in Ikariam.

  • Seafaring – Research here to create your ships and set out to other islands.
  • Economy – You can research ways on how to optimize your economy.
  • Science  – In science, you research ways on how to  improve your research
  • Military – Researching military will allow you to create more units and how to optimize them

Ikariam War

Ikariam War
Ikariam War

Now this is my favorite part in Ikariam. You can go to war with just anybody. The purpose of attacking others is to steal their resources. There are two types of battles.

  • Land Battles – Battle of units. This is the classic invasion where you march your troops in his land. Your troops will battle against the defenders and if they win, they go on stealing resources to give to you.
  • Sea Battles – Battle of ships. If your victim has ships, you need to sink them first before you can engage him in a land battle. Sea battles doesn’t give you resources.

The basic formula in battling is that in order to win, your attack power needs to be bigger than the enemies’ defense power (atleast 3x bigger I think). Based on this formula, Ikariam has what they call, battle rounds. On every battle round, the formula is applied and if the ratio is not satisfied, it will then go for another battle round. Each battle round lasts for twenty minutes so as a tip, go for victims that doesn’t have any units in them because the fight will last in just one round and you will win instantly.

How did I start playing this game?

Well, I was invited by my officemate to play and since I had spare time in the office, I decided to play. At first, I did not know what to do so I sought out message boards reading tips and tricks in Ikariam. After a week or so, I learned how to play better and more time after that, I started to be a war freak. I hunt down players who doesn’t defend their land so I could steal their resources. Actually, that is where most of my time in Ikariam is, hunting for victims. Because, researching, gathering resources and building buildings can be done in just one click. However, in war, you have to see if you win especially if the enemy is defending himself. As of now, I have defeated the score of the one who invited me in Ikariam (achievement) hehe.

Want to play this game?

There are a lot of Ikariam servers world wide but I’m currently playing at in ETA server. So if you wish to play, join there and see you there.

Ah lastly, Ikariam doesn’t do a server reset so all your hardwork will not go down in a drain anytime soon.

6 thoughts on “Play Ikariam – Free Browser Game

  1. I used to play Age of Empires a little bit, but I was no good at it. Usually got walloped by the bot. But CNC Generals was one game I enjoyed very much. Especially Zero Hour. Got me hooked on the build and fight type of games.

    1. @Ling, oh Age of Empires was good! I could spend hours making myself the fattest empire in every scenario. The best tip for that game is to keep building citizens (more than 100 is good). ^_^
      Sadly, my poor computer could not handle generals anymore and I don’t want to buy a new computer if I can still use my old computer. 🙂

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