PLDT myDSL plans and Pricing

PLDT myDSL Plans and Rates

PLDT myDSL Plans

PLDT myDSL plans and Pricing

October 2013 Update

Faster speeds!

I recently attended an event organized by Nuffnang and sponsored by PLDT myDSL. It was a movie event to watch the Avengers Movie. I really enjoyed that movie however my objective on this post is to review the plans and pricing for PLDT myDSL. I used to be a subscriber back in Manila and in Iloilo and I’d love to still be a subscriber if only PLDT was allowed here at my place.

So here’s the PLDT myDSL Plans.

PLDT myDSL Bundled Plans

Price Internet Speed
Plan 990 up to 512 Kbps (~64kb/s )
Plan 1299 up to 1.0 Mbps (~128 kb/s )

PLDT myDSL High-Speed Plans

Price Internet Speed
Plan 999 up to 3 Mbps (~375kb/s)
Plan 1995 up to 5 Mbps (~625kb/s)
Plan 3000 up to 8 Mbps (~1024kb/s)
Plan 4000 up to 10 Mbps (~1250kb/s)

For those who wants to know their expected download speed, please refer to the values contained in the parenthesis. I don’t have the values for the upload speed but I assume it would be 1/3 of your download bandwidth.

Bundled means that the price you see above is for the DSL, landline and watchpad.

High-speed plans mean that the price you see above is for the DSL only. You will have to pay extra for the landline.

For any changes/comments, please let me know.

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6 thoughts on “PLDT myDSL Plans and Rates

  1. Hi! Thanks for your simple post.

    Question, for new High-speed plans, do we need to have an existing landline?

    If we choose to have internet only, can we avail of this without the landline or should we also apply for the landline? Are these rates the same for the home and office?


    1. Hi Ena, yes, you should have an existing landline or if you want to apply as a new subscriber, you will need to also get a landline. They are together when you submit an application.

      The rates are for home only. I have no idea when it comes to office but I would assume they are the same 🙂


  2. Hello good day!

    We find no use for the landline+(internet package) (1mbps) anymore so we are planning for the 1mbps internet only..

    I heard there’s a fee for downgrading so..
    How much is the downgrade fee to plan 999 (internet only) from 1600 (not the name of the plan just the total bill = internet+landline) if within lock in period? I can’t seem to find any updated information on it.

    Thank you.

    1. Oh and I’m talking about the penalty fee to be precise… I’ve read 5000 pesos in some posts but they are 6 years old now…

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