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PLDT myDSL Slowness Since December 2013

PLDT myDSL Slowness Since December 2013


October 2013 – I got to know that PLDT myDSL recently upgraded their plans (faster speed for the same price) and naturally, it should apply to existing subscribers right? Well, the process isn’t automatic as you have to manually request for that upgrade by calling their DSL hotline (172). My sister/brother-in-law got theirs activated within a week of calling (Manila) while here in Iloilo, we were informed that it will take effect by December 2013 (more than 2 months of waiting needed).

December 2013 – When I arrived here, I was excited to see if the 3mbps upgrade already took effect but sadly, no, it didn’t. We were getting more or less the same speed as before (based on speed tests) and worst, torrent speed was … negligible. I have always given high praises to the torrent speed you can achieve with PLDT myDSL but this month was really bad. Before, we were getting speeds up to 150kb/s but now, we can barely make it to 10kb/s. Online Gaming has also been affected, my brother reports lag and thinks that it is me hogging all the bandwidth but in fact, I’m not even downloading anything at that time due to %#&^(%@ speeds.

January 2014 – we called up the hotline to initially inquire about our 3Mbps upgrade and the CSR told us that our account has already been upgraded. I asked since when?┬ásince we can’t feel that upgrade. In fact, it was even slower than before. He told me that they don’t know when it got upgraded because they upgrade accounts by batch. Then he dropped the bomb; they currently have an infrastructure problem that is causing the slowness and it will last for the whole month of January 2014. But according to this blog, “Operations are expected to return to normal by the first week of January.“, so I guess they didn’t make it in time and we need to wait and be at the mercy of ridiculously slow internet speed while getting billed for the same amount.

PS: Oh wait.. by the time of writing, it is still considered the first week of January so let us give it more time. Say, 3rd week of January deadline!

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  1. This is the first time we are experiencing this issue in ages. We are so lucky to have gotten myDsl for our internet shop cos we can allow customers to stream youtube, open up facebook while they play lol, dota2 and the ping would be around just 47 and it never reaches 50 that’s how fast our connection was until the 1st week of december of 2013. Now i dunno if we should close until they fix it cos everyone is going to our competitor which is on globe. The speed nowadays is just HORRIBAD that’s how i describe it. One customer would play LoL and his ping would be 72 if another one opens up facebook that would go up to 200+ THIS IS NUTS!!!!

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