PSP Virus

What is a PSP Virus and how to remove it?

I’m been seeing some queries here in my blog about a PSP virus. I have to admit that it is the first time I ever heard of such things but since I want to help people, I researched about it. Here are my findings… Is there a PSP Virus?

Yes! There is a PSP virus and it has been labeled by Synmantec (creator of Norton Antivirus) as Trojan.PSPBrick.

A trojan is a program that claims to do something good for you but instead, it does someting bad to your computer or anything you run it on. This is common on sites that offers something free like free cracks, free licensed softwares, hacks and other stuff that are usually bought from stores.

Basically, this PSPBrick Trojan virus is something you install it to your PSP then it will delete system files in the flash memory thus breaking your PSP. However, to trigger this trojan you have to execute it to make it run and destroy your PSP. So who in their right mind would run a trojan on their PSP?

This Trojan claims to do which is to bypass the security settings of Sony (perhaps to run custom firmware or homebrew games?). People want that so they will try this and then, BAM! Goodbye PSP.

Further research shows that there had been no reported victims of this trojan virus so we can safely play our games without fear of getting a virus. However, we must still be cautious of what we put in our PSP and in our PC. Let me give you some pointers.

Tips to prevent PSP Virus

Remember that data in the PSP is stored in a memory stick and it can be used as a USB. So before you connect your psp to a personal computer, better make sure that the computer is clean from viruses and it has a good antivirus program installed in it.

With this info, I really discourage connecting your psp in internet cafes as thats usually a haven for viruses, worms and trojans. There had been many cases of USBs catching viruses when used in internet cafes and the PSP (and its memory stick) would be no exception. Even if your psp won’t suffer from the virus, the next computer you connect it too will. It’s better safe than to be sorry and get punched by your friend for planting a virus in his computer.

Just like when you use your computer, be careful on what you put and install in your PSP. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is fake. Do your research before you press that X or O button in your PSP. To be sure, make sure to download only from reliable sources.

I hope this have taught you something new and hopefully you can apply them in your gamer life. ^_^

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  1. i did not thought that it is possible to get a virus using your PSP salamat sa tip.

    matanda-na-may-arthritiss last blog post..Hydrotherapy

  2. I think it’s important to always be careful of what you install on any device. To avoid viruses it’s best to only install something if it is absolutely essential.

  3. I know the feeling. Had a virus attack my cell phone last year. It started going off on it’s own suddenly, and I took it the shop thinking that maybe the battery was kaput. But turns out, the cell phone had caught some kind of a virus.

  4. the best thing you can do to be sure that no virus will be infecting you psp is to check the computers you are using:

    1. Check if the computer has an antivirus software like AVG,AVAST or AVIRA
    2. Check if the AV software is updated.

    Having an antivirus that is updated would surely be good for you.. visit my blog for more about virus:

    jellos last blog post..Process Explorer

  5. i have psp and it has a virus autorun.inf and scrap. the memory stick in my psp was damage and it can not read and i buy other memory card and its the same problem. i always search a way to clean up my psp to fix it up but i didnt found anything.

    1. I would suggest that you check your computer which you connect your PSP too. It must have come from there and do a complete reformat of your memory card using your PSP.

  6. when im playing my psp sometimes the home menu appaear like pop up menu in computer,does my psp have virus?should i format my memory card?pls help me..thnx

  7. i think i have this virus i need to know how to remove it there is some wierd thing that blockes alot of my screen

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