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Puzzle Kingdoms for Wii

Puzzle Kingdoms

When I used to play a lot, my eyes would have a way of telling me that I should rest because it would become bloody red. I haven’t seen this for a long time until I started playing Puzzle Kingdoms again. It is not that addicting but it puts a lot of strain on my eyes because I have to concentrate on solving the puzzle.

Puzzle Kingdoms is a puzzle / RPG type of game. 

The puzzle part of the game is similar to games such as Bejeweled. You need to match 3 or more to make a match and remove it from the board. You can a piece up, down, left and right and it is turned based. Basically, the goal is to get as much “matches” as you can because that would serve as your “energy”.

The RPG part would be where you can get a hero that has his own level, items and spells. That hero would be part of a kingdom which you can gain by conquering other kingdoms. You will also have an army which will be used to fight your opponents. Each unit in your army has his own “color” where every time you match that color, the energy bar for that unit increases. Once the bar is full, you will be able to attack. You will win if your opponent has no more units.

So basically, you will need to match the pieces that will be used by your units. However, you can also match other colors that won’t be used by your units. These will not be wasted as it will be used as your mana for your spells. There are also stone blocks that can disrupt your strategy and damage blocks that does instant damage to your opponents’ units.

This is a good play once in a while so I suggest you get it for your wii games collection. Puzzle Kingdoms on Amazon 🙂

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