Ragnarok Error : GameGuard Error 150

I’ve been hearing this error from the comments section of my Ragnarok Botting Guide. The error is as follows…

GameGuard Error : 150 “Either there’s no Game Guard installed on the program or Game Guard is cracked. Please,try to reinstalled Game Guard from its setup file”

What is this? and how can we fix this?

This is due to corrupted GameGuard files. You won’t be able to to play unless you fix them. Please try these solutions and tell me if they work for you. (I have yet to experience this error)

Some possible solutions to GameGuard Error 150:

  • Delete the gameguard folder in Ragnarok folder and patch Ragnarok.
  • Reinstall everything. That means you have to start from scratch.

Note: I just ran my bot again after not using for weeks and it still works fine. ^_^

5 thoughts on “Ragnarok Error : GameGuard Error 150

  1. ei allen can u pls give me some config supporting other players?? and have a party.. or teach me? i want 2 support my wiz..

  2. Actually, I have experienced this problem before when I was just beginning to bot. Back then I did’nt know of silkenhut.com, and I would just follow the instructions at http://www.openkore.com/aliases/poseidon.php and still, I would get this “GameGuard Error: 150” Then my friend referred me to Allen’s site and after following the instructions here, my bot worked. Note that I have’nt re-installed or re-patched anything, because for me that would take ages, considering my slow Internet connection.

    I’m really not sure how that happened, but I think the difference lies in the “Ragnarok needed files for botting.” Allen’s file there has something that the site at OpenKore did’nt have, I can’t remember the name and I’m not sure that that really made the difference, but it’s the only thing that is different from the guide at OpenKore and here at silkenhut.com.

  3. @Jedd – Actually, I have not experienced this error before that’s why I could not provide a more concrete and permanent solution. The solutions I wrote were based on research (in other words, using search engines). ^_^

  4. I see. Haha, mine were based on first hand experience, but I’m not sure if that would be a legit solution to the problem. Oh well, whichever works! ^_^

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