Ragnarok Valkyrie List of PK Maps

Were you silently farming one day when somebody sneaks up behind you and the next thing you know, you are back at your respawn point? You just got PK’ed or player killed.

This happened to me a lot of times while I was trying to level my character. As I did not know the PK maps, I usually just run like hell when I see some characters approaching me. Player killing is allowed in Valkyrie, a free to play server for Ragnarok. It’s hard to play safely when there are those who wants to ruin your game by killing you whenever you approach a certain map. What’s bad about it is that you will lose 5% experience when you die either naturally through monsters or by getting killed by some ^(#&^(#^% player.

So the best thing we could do is to be aware of the PK enabled maps in Valkyrie. If you don’t want to die from PK, I suggest you avoid these maps. (List taken from Ragnarok Valkyrie PDF File)

List of PK maps
• gef_fild10 (Orc Lord)
• moc_pryd06 (Amon Ra)
• treasure02 (Drake)
• gef_dun01 (Dracula)
• gef_dun02 (Doppelganger)
• pay_fild11 (Eddga)
• gl_chyard (Dark Lord)
• moc_pryd04 (Osiris)
• xmas_dun02 (Stormy Knight)
• pay_dun04 (Moonlight)
• anthell02 (Maya)
• mjolnir04 (Mistress)
• moc_fild15 (Phreeoni)
• gon_du03 (Dark Snake Lord)
• prt_maze03 (Baphomet)
• ama_dun03 (Incantation Samurai)
• beach_dun (Tao Gunka)
• ayo_dun02 (Lady Tanee)
• ein_dun02 (RSX_0806)
• odin_tem03 (Randgris)
• kh_dun02 (Kiel)
• abyss03 (Detardeurus)
• lou_dun03 (White Lady)
• prt_sewb04 (Golden Thief Bug)
• xmas_fild01 (Garm)
• in_sphinx05 (Pharao)
• tur_dun04 (Turtle General)
• ra_san05 (Gloom Underknight)
• ra_fild02 (Atroce)
• ra_fild03 (Atroce)
• ra_Fild04 (Atroce)
• tha_t01 (Thanatos Tower 1)
• tha_t02 (Thanatos Tower 2)
• tha_t03 (Thanatos Tower 3)
• tha_t04 (Thanatos Tower 4)
• tha_t05 (Thanatos Tower 5)
• tha_t06 (Thanatos Tower 6)
• tha_t07 (Thanatos Tower 7)
• tha_t08 (Thanatos Tower 8)
• tha_t09 (Thanatos Tower 9)
• tha_t10 (Thanatos Tower 10)
• tha_t11 (Thanatos Tower 11)
• tha_t12 (Thanatos Tower 12)
• mjo_dun02 (Skel Worker)
• mjo_dun03 (Skel Worker)
• iz_dun03 (Marc)
• iz_dun04 (Strouf, Merman)
• gon_dun01 (Honey, Royal Jelly)
• gon_fild01 (Honey/Zipper Bear)
• gl_cas02 (Raydrics)
• gl_knt01 (Raydrics)
• gl_knt02 (Raydrics)
• moc_pryd03 (Matyr/Verit)
• in_sphinx1 (Matyr)
• in_sphinx2 (Matyr)
• in_sphinx3 (Matyr)
• in_sphinx4 (Matyr)
• in_sphinx5 (Matyr)
• gef_fild08 (Kobold)
• gef_fild12 (Kobold)
• pay_dun04 (Muffler)
• gl_prison1 (Formal Suit)
• Turtle Island 3 (Assulter)

Note to botters:

This list of maps are the places where botters like to level. So I guess this was implemented for the players to kill the botters. However, remember that not all maps are PK-enable. (*wink*) hehe 🙂

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