Reached 50% of my monthly allocated bandwidth

I’m happy to announce that I’ve consumed more than 50% of my monthly allocated bandwidth of 5gb. Here’s my current consumption so far.

3gb of 5gb used bandwidth

It does come with advantages and disadvantages. Let me start with the advantages first and then the disadvantages.


  • This only means that I’ve been having a lot more visitors in my blog that resulted into this high bandwidth usage. (You may say that some people might be stealing my bandwidth, but as I checked my logs, the bandwidth usage from
  • I also checked my logs and I’m seeing results in my SEO posts especially Ragnarok which also added to the increased traffic and bandwidth usage.

Only Disadvantage

  • I need to increase my current webhost plan or switch to a new webhost. By the rate this is going, I won’t have enough bandwidth to finish the month of January. In fact, I’ve already started to look for newer webhosts and I have decided on one. I will be making my move perhaps this weekend.

Although switching to a new webhost will mean more work for me, I’m still happy on my stats are showing right now. If you remember my blog goals for 2008, one of them is to increase traffic. 🙂

Btw, watch out for my new theme soon. I’m hoping that it will be my stable / permanent theme. To know when the theme has been applied, do subscribe to my feeds since I will be announcing it after I’ve applied it.

That’s all for now for my blog updates.

12 thoughts on “Reached 50% of my monthly allocated bandwidth

  1. @Marhgil – Thanks! Although switching host will be a problem, it will be for the good of the blog. A lot of it is thanks to you Mr. Pinay $candal. hehe

    @Eli – Just keep on posting more posts, especially for seo purposes.. hehe or maybe your bandwidth allocation is big? 🙂

  2. Eating up bandwidth is a nice problem to have. About the webhost switching, hope you know what you’re doing. Sometimes affects rankings, for multiple reasons – Loading speed, host IP’s and whatnot.

  3. Hi Jehz! Thank you very much for informing me about this. There was a bug in my comments.php.

    I think I’ve fixed it now. Now the comments are back. Thanks! 🙂

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