How to Recover Your Suspended Blog?

How to Recover Your Suspended Blog?

I though it was a lost cause but there was a way to recover them.

Why was your blog suspended?

This should be the question that you should be asking yourself. Although will give you a straight answer which is “This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.” So there must be something in your blog that they don’t like and it is breaching your terms of service with them and you have to remove it.

But how? They disabled your blog and all you see is that warning page.

Logging in your dashboard

I just realized that you can still go to your dashboard but it will have limited features. You will have the option to export your blog or ask for help in recovering your blog.

How to contact to request for reconsideration?
You can go to this website
where XXX is your blogname.

I contacted wordpress and they replied that I should remove all usercash links on my blog. So I will comply and wait for results but my old blog is back up now.

So that is the easy way to recover your suspended blog.

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  1. In a word, you mean it requires to contact the support center for reconsideration, is it useful? And how to go to my dashboard. Thanks.

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