Refreshen Air Revitalisor Review

Refreshen Air Revitalisor Review

Refreshen Air Revitalisor

Thanks to CashCashPinoy; I was able to try out this deal.

Only P1,398 instead of P3,000 for an Air Revitalisor with LED light! Choose from 4 colors. FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY!

I have always been curious about Air Revitalisors because of what they claim to do. Their purpose is to cleanse your air by sucking in the air, clean it inside the bowl to trap the dirt then it will release clean air. I have seen different brands of this product but they look like they work exactly the same. There would be a bowl with liquid (usually water with a few drops of the cleansing concentrate) on it then the lid would be a motor that would rotate the liquid. It would have two holes at the top where the air would go in and out.

CashCashPinoy offers free delivery but since their office was very near where I work, I opted to pick it up instead.

Refreshen Air Revitalisor Box

Here’s the box that I picked up at CashCashPinoy’s office. It comes with the product, a manual and a 15ml Air Revitalisor Concentrate.

Refreshen Air Revitalisor Concentrate

And here it is in action…

Refreshen Air Revitalisor Action

It also comes with a LED light so you can use this as a night light if you want.

Refreshen Air Revitalisor Action with Light

So the question now, does it work? Does it really clean your air and remove odors from it?

I can say that it is able to remove odors only if you put the concentrate on it. If you only use water then either it is removing the odors at a super slow pace (which would be barely noticable) or it doesn’t at all. In terms of air cleaning, I’m not so sure on how you can measure that. But I guess you still need to use the concentrate else it won’t work as advertised.

The only problem now is that these concentrates (different brands) are expensive! A 10ml bottle could cost around PHP 100+ so I don’t expect myself to use them a lot. If I could find a cheaper alternative, then that would be great!

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