Resident Evil Retribution Movie

Resident Evil Retribution Movie

Resident Evil Retribution Movie resident eveil retribution posters wallpapers and timeline covers 7

I have been an avid follower of the Resident Evil Film Series and each movie has become better than its predecessors. The first movie tells us about how the virus spread out and the infection was in the hive (the laboratory). The second movie now has the virus spread all over Racoon City and we will see it spread more all over the US in the third movie. As for the fourth, it became global and now we have the fifth? What comes after global infection? Outer space? Could be! But let my brief synopsis tell you more about it.

The movie starts as a continuation of the 4th movie where Alice and the other survivors are in Arcadia (the ship) when an army of umbrella Soldiers led by Jill Valentine attacks them. Alice wakes up again in an Umbrella facility (which always happens in the films) and will again try to know what’s going on and find her way out. We would then know that despite the global outbreak of the virus, the Umbrella corporation still continues to manufacture, test and sell these biochemical weapons. As for their testing, they create clones to mimic the real world and unleash the virus on it. We would see how the virus spread on Tokyo (4th movie), Moscow and New York. Alice gets contacted by Ada Wong and Wesker and Wesker briefs her on what’s going on. So their mission is to escape the facility and rendezvous with a team led by Leon Kennedy. However, they are against the evil red queen and the mind controlled Jill Valentine and her team. Once they escape, they would be at the white house at Washington DC as the last standing human fortress against the undead horde led by the red queen.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. They managed to make it more action filled with a few moments of surprises that would make you jump at your seat. They added new characters and I hope that in the next movie, we would see the return of the Redfield siblings (because after the Arcadia event, we have no idea who else survived that attack aside from Alice). Bring out Resident Evil Movie 6!

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