Restaurant City Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Restaurant City Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Restaurant City Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Restaurant City – A game in facebook that was made by playfish and it seems to be the new fad of the season. I just joined yesterday after being curious for a long time so let us see what we got here.

What is restaurant city?

Restaurant city is a simulation game where you will run your own restaurant. In order to run your restaurant you can do the following things:

  • You need to hire workers to work for you,
  • You need to gather ingredients for your recipes
  • You need to improve or learn recipes
  • You need to beautify your restaurant (One of its addicting factor)
  • You need to gather enough Gourmet points to level up (have you played pet society?)

Now that we have an overview on what we can do in Restaurant City, let us discuss on how we can start off.

Starting Off in Restaurant City

You will be starting in a default room with two tables and chairs and one stove. You will have only 1 recipe to cook which was tomato soup I think. The first thing you should do is to hire workers.



Workers are basically your friends in facebook that you can hire. You can assign the following tasks to them.

  • Cook
  • Waiter
  • Cleaner
  • Rest (they do get tired)
  • you’re fired!!! (don’t like them anymore?)

You can also change their clothes although they have their own clothes on what their creator gave them. (to play a prank, I dressed up one of my friends as a girl)

An important thing to look at on your workers is their Happiness rating. You can see that as the smiley face with the percentage above. That number will determine their happiness and also speed in working. It is like their stamina, the lesser it is, the slower they are. We don’t want slow employees so we either need to give them rest (free) or feed them food (costs money) to replenish their energy.

Ingredients in Restaurant City

Ah yes, ingredients. Without them, your nothing! Well, you won’t be able to cook any juicy recipes if you don’t have them. So how do you get them?

  • You can get an ingredient daily as a freebie (you just need to log-in)
  • You can get an ingredient by visiting a friend for the first time only. (After clicking on street, you go visit each of you friends. Pet society players can relate to this.)
  • You can get an ingredient by answering a daily food quiz. It’s a multiple choice question with three choices.
  • You can also trade ingredients with your friends.

New Recipes for new Menu


You just finished visiting all your 100+ friends and now you have around 100+ ingredients. Some may be duplicates but I’m sure you have a lot. So what do we do with them? Ingredients are useless if you don’t use them in recipes. So click on the “Change Menu” button while in your restaurant.

In this screen, you can pick what food you will serve to your customers. It doesn’t matter what you choose actually so I would suggest that you choose one food and stick with it. As you can see, recipes have levels also. If you complete the ingredients for that recipe, you can either learn it (if you have’nt) or increase it’s level.

From what I have read around, the higher the level of the food, the more Gourmet Points you get per order so like I said, stick to one. You should only focus on one starter, one Main and One Dessert. You also do not have control on what food will be served by your waiter.

Trading is essential in order to level up your recipes so it’s really nice if you can trade fast so that your growth will be faster.

Gourmet Points

Just like in Pet Society, Gourmet Points is like your experience where you will gain a level up after reaching a certain number of points. Almost all of your actions in Restaurant City nets your Gourmet Points so just do anything (lol , just kidding). Most of your points will come from your restaurant. Every customer served will gain your some Gourmet points so the more customers you have, the better.


You can decorate your restaurant on the inside and also on the outside. On the outside is more of how you want it to look, if you are rich, you can invest in stuffs there but I don’t see any merit except face value so I’d rather decorate on the inside.

Inside your restaurant, you can design where your cooks will stand and where your tables/chairs are. The general tip here is to lessen the walking distance between your cook and tables for the waiter to have a fast delivery time. You can also make a furniture path for your customers to delay them from arriving in the tables (just like mazing in tower defense games). Delaying your customers means more time for your cooks to cook and waiters to serve before another one gets to sit.

Note that your workers can get overwhelmed by the number of customers so a good design is essential. Here are some good designs.

  • Workers in the middle / surrounded by chairs. This is a very common design where the travel time of waiters is minimized. you simply make a box of tables (stoves for cooks included) and chairs are outside. It’s also fun to see your workers trapped in the middle.
  • Maze. This is a more expensive design that caters to delaying tactics. I might implement this when I’m richer.

So now you have a good idea on how to play Restaurant City, but do you know what the next step is? Well, if you are competitive like me, just knowing how to play restaurant city is enough. I want to be number one in my friends list so I studied the game for a few weeks and while reading this guide, Restaurant City Secrets, and I have achieved it. So if you want a more advanced guide in playing restaurant city, I advise that you grab a copy of Restaurant City Secrets and make sure to apply what you have read there. It is very helpful!

Go play restaurant city now!

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