Restaurant City Tip – Getting more ingredients

Restaurant City Tip – Getting more ingredients

As we all know, ingredients are very important in Restaurant City. Without ingredients then you will have no dishes; without dishes to serve, your gourmet points won’t increase; without gourmet points, what else can you do? So this guide will teach you how to earn some free ingredients easily and safely.

Tip # 1: Log-in to your restaurant city account once a day


This is the most easiest way to earn ingredients. You can earn an ingredient daily when you first open your account.

Tip # 2: Pick the correct answer in the restaurant city daily food quiz


Same as tip # 1, this happens daily and you have to pick the correct answer to the question and you will get a  free ingredient. Do it daily!

If you are having problems with the questions, I’d try to post a list of questions with answers to it soon.

Update: Restaurant City Daily food quiz answers here.

Tip # 3: Visit your restaurant city friends for the first time


When you visit your friends for the first time, you will get a free ingredient. So one way to get lots of ingredients in restaurant city is to have lots of friends. It doesn’t matter if he is your real friend or just a nobody, as long as he has an account, you can get an ingredient out of him.


If you want a free ingredient from a friend, ADD ME!

Please add me in Facebook – > Allen Michael Gurrea’s Facebook <– just leave a note like RC or something ok? You will be accepted within the day.

Tip # 4: Buy from the Restaurant city ingredient Market


This is relatively new feature implemented by Restaurant City. You can now buy ingredients from a Market Place. However, the price are really expensive and it only shows three (3) ingredients for sale everyday. But if you are desperate and have lots of cash, go and buy them all.

Tip # 5: Trade with your restaurant city friends


Although this is not really considered a way to gain a new ingredient since you are giving up your own to get a new one, this is very effective. I’m sure you won’t use all your ingredients so those ingredients you don’t want to use, just trade them to others who needs them. You can trade with people who are your friends so you can actually combo this with tip # 3.

Look for people who has the ingredients you need and ask them for a trade. If they are willing to trade with you, add them up in facebook then you will then have them as a friend in restaurant city. Now do tip # 3, then trade with them. After doing the deed, you may keep or delete them from your friend list, it’s your call.


If you are just starting out in restaurant city, I recommend you read my Restaurant City Starting Guide – Tips and Tricks article and also the Restraurant Secrets Guide.

Version 1.0 – Guide is finished. -Silkenhut (future work is to add pictures and how to add more friends technique)
Version 2.0 – Pics added… 😀

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