RIP Jenny from Taft – Repost

RIP Jenny from Taft – Repost

It has been the buzz lately for Lasallians because of the news that Jenny has died. It is confirmed. Here is a repost from one who had first hand experience on Jenny’s wake.

What REALLY happened to Jenny
by Andrew Pamorada

The rumors started last Thursday evening…
A lot of people are asking… “Ano ba talaga nangyari?” “Totoo ba yan?”

To know what really happen, I went at Jenny’s wake earlier(June 6) at Ate Elvie’s (Jenny’s sister) residence at Bacoor, Cavite to know myself first-hand information from Ate Elvie WHAT REALLY HAPPENED…


Ate Elvie told us that since then Jenny was a diabetic. Ate Elvie told Jenny to stop/refrain from drinking softdrinks, but Jenny will always say “Eh, yung ‘udyante’ binibigyan nila ako ng softdrinks, alamang hindi ko tanggapin…” [Udyante=estudyante, hindi kasi niya mabanggit yung estudyante kasi medyo nabubulol daw siya parati sabi ni Ate Elvie] There was a time na namanhid yung isang leg niya dahil sa diabetes at hindi na daw niya maramdaman yung leg niya. Nagpagamot sila, then sabi ng doctor dapat puputulin na yung isang leg niya, pero eventually gumaling din ulit yung leg niya dahil sa pagiinom ng gamot. So dun, nagstart na si Jenny uminom ng tubig, but still the diabetes is somewhat there…

One day, sometime in May this year, sumasakit daw yung tagiliran ni Jenny. Sinabihan ni Jenny si Ate Elvie na dalhin siya sa hospital. Ate Elvie brought Jenny to a local doctor, Dr. Pascual. They took several tests, and one is ultrasound kung saan nakita na meron siyang BATO SA APDO (GALLSTONE)

First, Jenny was brought to Ospital ng Maynila, but due to lack of instruments and stuffs, it was recommended to bring her in Philippine General Hospital instead.

Jenny was brought to PGH, May 24(Monday). A lot of different tests was conducted to her, but Ate Elvie was frustrated because they(PGH) don’t even tell the results to them.

The doctors/nurses also recommended Jenny NOT TO EAT, because she will have an operation (and they don’t even tell when the operation is) . Ate Elvie said ”Pano yun anong gagawin niya? ” and the doctors replied “basta lagyan mo lang ng basang bulak sa labi…” (What?!)

There was a time that Jenny was allowed to eat, Ate Elvie asked her, “Ano gusto mo kainin?” Jenny said, “Ne, lugaw at pineapple juice” Ate Elvie then bought lugaw from Chowking and pineapple juice, then after she had eaten, tuwang tuwa daw si Jenny.. (syempre ikaw kaya hindi kumain for days?!) Another time Jenny was allowed to eat again. “Oh Jenny ano ulit gusto mo kainin?” “Ne, lugaw at pineapple juice ulit” “lugaw na naman?” Ate Elvie then bought soup at Jolibee para maiba + Jenny’s favorite pineapple juice…

When she was also in the hospital, sabi daw niya gusto na daw niya umuwi. Sabi niya, “Uwi na tayo. Papasok na ako sa lasalle, me pasok na sa katapusan” sabi ni Ate Elvie, “Pano ka papasok, eh me sakit ka pa, pagaling ka muna…”

May 29(Sat) late evening, naghihina na daw si Jenny, she has already an oxygen to help her breath, then the doctors/nurses were already there, her heart beat stopped and all of them were already crying, but after a while bumalik daw ulit yung tibok ng puso niya.

June 1(Tue) hindi na daw talaga siya makagalaw, Ate Elvie said maybe her gall bladder already poisoned/paralyzed already her brain so she can’t move already.

June2(Wed) Jenny was scheduled to have a laser (operation?) by 3pm. However, Jenny left us at 1:15pm… :((

Actually, sabi ni Ate Elvie masigla naman daw si Jenny nung pinasok siya sa PGH, pero inis na inis siya, imbis na gumaling si Jenny, lalo lang lumalala yung condition niya. Ate Elvie also said “Parang hindi nga namatay si Jenny dahil sa bato sa apdo, namatay siya dahil ayaw siya pakainin ng mga doctor!” Ate Elvie was really frustrated of PGH services, “Kung alam ko lang sana dinala ko na lang siya sa private hospital, kaso ano magagawa namin, wala naman kami pera panggastos…”

*Ate Elvie also said that they also want to ask help from Taft people when Jenny is still in the hospital, they are planning to bring her medical certificate to Taft for proof. However, they haven’t done it because of lack of time.

Siguro karamihan sa inyo magsasabi na sayang naman or whatever. But still let’s thank God that He has given us a chance to meet her. God didn’t just took her immediately but He used her to touch a lot of lives through her simple ways.

Actually, sabi ko nga kanina, sana katulad ako ni Jenny I have done a lot of things for others. Kayo nga tanong niyo sa sarili niyo if you have already done good things for others?

Let’s start being our own “Jenny” for ourselves and help other people even through our simple ways!

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    1. Jenny was someone Lasallian’s know because he/she was always there in DLSU asking for alms and helping students such as helping them cross the street, doing some errands, providing them a big umbrella when it rains and others. I really did not have much interaction with Jenny so I couldn’t say much but I have been a recipient of that big umbrella on one of those heavy rains.

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