Rose Colors

Rose Colors – What do they mean?


Valentines is approaching fast and it is the time of the year where you would feel that “love is in the air”. Guys will be busy preparing something be it in the form of gifts (e.g. chocolates, teddy bears, flowers), fine dining, entertainment, spa treatments and other things that will convey their feelings. From what I see, the most common would be flowers and flower shops know this so expect that the price of one flower that usually costs PHP50 a stem would jump up to PHP150 a stem! Well, it’s the thought that counts right?

When you give out flowers, you want that person to feel what you are currently feeling and if you are a shy person, you can let the flowers do the talking. How? Through their colors! Flowers have different colors and each color has it’s own meaning. For example, let’s analyze the meaning of rose colors.

  • Red Roses – ah the most common one. It simply says, “I Love You”. Need I say more?
  • Yellow Roses – this color would symbolize friendship or platonic relationship. Give this when your feelings haven’t strayed from being friends or even close friends. “Friends forever?
  • White Roses – white would usually symbolize innocence or purity. In flowers, it would symbolize new beginnings or simply, “I miss you”.
  • Pink Roses – Pink means gay! Just kidding. Pink would symbolize happiness. “I’m just happy that you came into my life” sounds good right?
  • Orange Roses – One word. Desire! What about desire? I hope it’s not l-u-s-t but something more of, “I’d like to get to know you better”.

Now that you know the meaning of rose colors, which one would you get for that special someone this February? Don’t forget to prepare your wallet when you buy roses bouquets because it is Valentines!

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