China Itinerary Sample – 8 Days

China Itinerary Sample

Last April 2011, our family went to China for a vacation tour and our travel agency was Uni Orient. Here’s our itinerary 🙂

Basically, the tour is being sold as a 8 day package tour but for me, spending 1 day at the airport doesn’t count so it is just a 7 day tour; China Itinenary. You will visit 4 cities (1 is just a stop over).

Since my sister has a better memory than me, allow me to copy her post on our itenirary. (I also wrote notes in my notebook while on tour but I missed writing the Bird’s Nest + Water cube in Beijing… I don’t know how I could miss that since we spent around 2 hours there).

* Forbidden City
* Passed by National Museum, Watch Tower / entrance to “inner city”, China Railway Museum, Tian an men Square
* Temple of Heaven
* Silk factory
* Summer Palace: saw Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake, passed through the Long Corridor, saw Marble Boat
* Pearl factory (Freesky Pearls)
* Bird’s Nest (Olympic stadium)
* Passed by Water Cube
* Dr. Tea (tea ceremony and buy tea)
* Jade factory (Dragon Land Superior Jade Gallery)
* Badaling Great Wall
* Foot Massage
* Silk Street Market (like 168)

* Passed by (circled) City Wall, also went inside the City Wall into one of the temples where they introduced and sold Pixiu (one of China’s symbolic mythical animal)
* Dayan Pagoda
* watched Tang music and dance cultural show
* Hua Qing Hot Springs
* Terracota warriors factory
* Terracota warriors historical site/museum – chanced upon the person who discovered the site (he was signing autographs), he sometimes goes to the site

* Elephant Trunk Hill
* Baoshutang Pharmaceutical Company
* Seven Star Park – camel hill, man-made waterfalls, square with stone sculpture
* Silk factory
* Li River Cruise
* West St. (pedestrian market)
* Silver Cave
* watched Impression show (useless)

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