Samsung Galaxy Pocket vs Samsung Galaxy Y Specs Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Pocket vs Samsung Galaxy Y Specs Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Pocket vs Samsung Galaxy Y Specs Comparison

As one of the pioneer buyers of Samsung Galaxy Y, I’m saddened to know that it has now been made obsolete by a new model, Samsung Galaxy Pocket, in just 6 months. Jessa and I checked in SM Cyberzone for the latest prices of Samsung Galaxy Pocket and we were also trying to find out what are the difference it has with Samsung Galaxy Y.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 vs Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Specs

Most of their specifications are identical so I will just list the key differences.

Feature Galaxy Pocket Galaxy Y
Screen 2.8 inches 3.0 inches
Internal Capacity 3000 Mb 180 Mb (very big difference)
Wifi Hotspot No Yes
HSDPA 3.6 Mbit/s 7.2 Mbit/s

The major key difference would be the internal capacity where it already has 3Gb vs 180 Mb of Galaxy Y. This means that you can download more without the need to buy an external SD card. Flash Support is a very welcome difference also.

In terms of price, Galaxy Pocket is also cheaper than Galaxy Y. When Galaxy Y came out, the prices where from PHP 5700 to PHP 6000 but for pocket, they range from PHP 5400 to PHP 5700. We believe that the price is cheaper because it doesn’t come with a 2 Gb External SD Card which came with the Galaxy Y, but do you really need it given 3Gb?

Should I upgrade/change my phone to Galaxy Pocket? No, I won’t. I’ll just wait for a stronger budget friendly phone to come in 6 months or less.

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7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Pocket vs Samsung Galaxy Y Specs Comparison

  1. I like this android phone. It's nice smartphone. 🙂

  2. i love this phone ……’s very nice …

  3. o pocket e muito melhor.

  4. There are some mistakes here .. Galaxy Pocket does not contain FM Transmitter and does not support Flash .. there are more powerful devices does not support flash !!

    the only thing that Pocket over Galaxy Y is the Internal storage..

    • Hello Ahmed, thank you for that. I have corrected the post. It is weird that when it was first released, the specs I saw say it supports flash.

  5. it’s difficult to support flash, it’s need a powerful specifications.

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