Samsung Galaxy Y LCD Replacement

Samsung Galaxy Y LCD Replacement

Samsung Galaxy Y LCD Replacement - A reminder to take more care of my things

I broke my Samsung Galaxy Y’s LCD screen two days ago and today, I’m happy to say that I got it repaired replaced at Greenhills Shopping Center.

samsung galaxy y broken lcd

This is how it looks prior to getting repaired. More than 50% of the screen has already been disabled but the touchscreen function still works (thankfully).

I started my research on LCD replacements online and I was able to contact a seller on tipidpc. He gave me an estimate of PHP 1,000 for the repairs and that became my starting point.

While at Alphaland, Jessa and I checked out a few repair shops there where we learned about original LCDs and replacement LCDs. The price quoted was around PHP 850 for the original and around PHP 800 (might be lower) for class A. We continued on to Greenhills as initially planned.

At Greenhills, we talked to a few more repair shops and learned that Samsung doesn’t produce any original LCDs and your best bet would be a replacement LCD. It’s a bit confusing to know what’s the difference between Class A and what they term as replacement because others say that it is just the same while others say that Class A is of lower quality.

They also explained that the only way that you are going to get an original Galaxy Y LCD was to get it from a Galaxy Y unit (break it apart and get the LCD). Gladly, we were able to find two shops that offers that and I went to the one that offers it as a lower price. However, the question would be… how do I know that they are telling the truth (that the LCD they used on mine came from another Galaxy Y unit that was defective thus broken apart)? I have no idea but we simply gave them our trust.

A few minutes later after we agreed for the repair, my phone is back and the broken LCD problem was no more!

I took home the LCD panel as a souvenir and as a reminder to be more careful in the future.

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  1. puta ang mahal sa samsung branch 500 lang kung magkano ang screen libre nadin pa kabit ng screen hahaha imba kayo mga sakim sa pera sa samsung branch mismo kayo ma replace guys like isaid kung magkano price ng LCD ng s5360 yun lang ang babayaran nyo wala na yung labor ng tao.

    at ang screen 450-500 lang bagong bago at sure orginal

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