Samsung M2 Hard Disk

Samsung M2 Portable HD

Samsung M2 Portable HD

Samsung M2 Hard Disk

It took me a year to fill up my 1 TB HP Simple Save (not bad right? lol). Now I need a new hard disk and this time, I want it to be a portable one. These were the specs that I’m targeting.

  • At least 500 gb
  • Portable Hard Disk (USB powered)
  • Western Digital , Seagate or Samsung brand
  • USB 3.0
  • Recognized by the Wii

An initial canvass was done last May 2011 at Greenhills but most of the hard disks were still in USB 2.0. Only the Western Digital Passport Essentials was already in USB 3.0 and it was still expensive (nearly PHP4k for the 500gb). It was also planned to buy the hard disk during my Hong Kong trip that didn’t materialize due to the lack of time so after nearly a month from the Hong Kong trip, we are now back to Greenhills determined to canvass as much as we can and take home a new portable hard disk.

It took us around 2 hours to go around Virra Mall to ask around for the lowest prices and we were prepared with a paper and pen to list down all the shops that has it. Then came the deliberation and I bought a Samsung M2 500gb Portable Hard Disk.

Greenhills Portable Hard Disk Prices for 500gb

  • Western Digital Passport Essentials – PHP 3100
  • Seagate Free Agent Go – PHP 2995
  • Samsung M2 – PHP 2800
  • Seagate Expansion – PHP 2600

Samsung M2 Disk

It was a decision between Seagate Expansion vs Samsung M2 and Western Digital Passport Essential vs Seagate Free Agent Go. The former was a pure hard disk with no bundled software while the later has bundled software. Since I already have the backup software thanks to my HP Simple Save, I opted for the former. I picked Samsung M2 over Seagate expansion simply because of aesthetics (cost me PHP200 more). A matte finish (vs glossy) and those wavy lines won me over.

Samsung M2 in action

Here it is in action. It looks very simple with a led light that would indicate disk activity. It looks very small where it could even pass for a fat smartphone (which actually is my next gadget to buy).

Samsung M2 in my hand

Now, the challenge is, how long till I fill this up ? As of now, I’m not sure what to put in here. 🙂

Till next time,


Samsung M2 Specifications:

Package Contents

Model HX-M500TAB
Accessory USB 3.0 Cable, Pouch
Installation Quick start guide

Drive Configurations

Capacity * 500GB
Operating Systems Windows, Mac (1)
Color Brown Black / Noble Beige / Clay Orange / Mist Gray

Performance Specification

Interface USB 3.0

Environmental Specifications

Temperature / Operating 5ºC to 40ºC
Temperature / Non-operating -20ºC to 65ºC

Physical Dimension

Height ( Max ) 17.6 mm
Width 81.9 mm
Length 110.6 mm
Weight (Max) 0.155 Kg


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