Sanyo niMH 2700 disappointment

Sanyo niMH 2700 disappointment


My first batch of Sanyo 2700 maH batteries were a big disappointment.

Update:: These batteries discharge to death just after 1 week unlike my Uniross Batteries 2100 that are still alive after 1 week.

First of all, I’m hoping that I just got a bad batch since I got these batteries bundled from a Sanyo Charger I bought. These are the white/orange version of Sanyo rechargable batteries 2700 mAH. I’ve been seeing another color of these Sanyo 2700 online. I’m not really sure on what is the difference.

Last week, when I placed them on my wii remote, they were dead. I thought at first that I simply forgot to charge them before hand so I charged them. I was able to play for a few hours and then I left home. I just returned today (after 5 days) and when I tried to turn on my wii remote, they are dead again. If they drain that fast, then it is not a good battery to use.

So what do I do now? I need to buy new batteries again and hopefully, they won’t die on me fast just like this one.

(I’m giving these batteries a chance by doing a recycle on them. I hope it improves their battery life else, I’ll tag them as a failure and never buy them again.)

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