Scheduling your posts for the future

When I write my post for the day, I do it on the same day the post will be published. This has been effective for me until I had days where I can’t even touch my blog since I may be outside of the house or doing some schoolwork (thesis). Remember my blog hiatus last week where I traveled to Iloilo, I was on the road for nearly 24hours and with no access to a computer. Obviously, there were also no posts for those days and that’s something I wish to avoid.

This has been a problem for me since I want to blog on a consistent basis. Due to my current way of writing my articles, I can’t do this so I looked around for some solutions to this problem…

The Solution? I’m glad wordpress offers Post Scheduling.

Post Scheduling is a feature on WordPress that allows you to edit the time when a published will be published. (Just like how you can manipulate the time of death using the death note hehe)

When is post scheduling useful?

  • You will be going on a vacation on a deserted island with no access to a computer. Your blog will still publish your posts even if you are not there.
  • Your creative juices starts to overflow today and you have many ideas that you want to blog about.
  • You want to publish a post at the same time consistently

So if you are in one of these situations, I’m sure that post scheduling will be helpful to you so let me show you how. ^_^

How to schedule your posts in wordpress?

Step 1 : Write your posts as you usually would but DON’T on publish yet.

Step 2 : Set the time and date when you want the post to be published. (Example here shows that the post will be published at 430pm so even if I click publish now at 230pm, it won’t show up on the blog unless it’s already 445pm)

Step 3: Publish your post!

You are done! 😀

Can I do this on Blogger?

I’m afraid you can’t. Although blogger offers a way for you to set the time when the post will be published, it will still show up on your blog the moment you clicked published. For example, I will set the post to be published on “September 1, 2008” but the moment I click on published, it will show on the blog dated “September 1, 2008”. I guess the only use for post scheduling in Blogger is to order the posts chronologically.

**Now to show you an example, this post will be published at 445pm GMT +8! ^_^

13 thoughts on “Scheduling your posts for the future

  1. Itanong ko pa sana kung pwede rin sa blogger pero nasagot ang tanong ko at the end of this post. Minsan kapag multiple ang idea sa utak ko what to post, sinusulat ko kaagad pagkatapos ay sini-save ko as drop. Pero hindi naman ma-edit ang date tulad ng situation na u stated here.

    1. The only thing you can for blogger is to save it as draft if you don’t want to publish it yet. Regardless of the date you write, it will still get published the moment you click on publish. ^_^

  2. IS wordpress really easy to manage? I’ve not used wordpress yet but it seems quite easy to navigate from the readers point of view. I have a couple of website that uses an powered blog. Quite good actually but paid a premium for the platform. That’s the nice things about wordpress, absolutely free. Anyway my website link here isn’t the one I’m on about. But it’s the one I’m focusing on at the moment.

    1. In my point of view, yes wordpress is really easy to manage. There are a lot of options available for you to use, Also, adding themes and plugins are as easy as uploading and activating them. You can do a test run of wordpress at, however, it’s limited but you can use it to get a feel of wordpress. ^_^

  3. this is something i would like to explore. i am in the uk but would like to schedule my posts for us time in the morning. i am slightly confused as to how wordpress determines the time and which time it is using.

    under general options the “times in weblog should differ by” box is set at the default -7 hours, so my question is if i schedule a post for 7am will this be posted us time or uk?


    1. WordPress will use the time you have set in the general options. So for example, the initial setting was wordpress set on GMT -7. Scheduling it at 7am will publish the post at 7am GMT -7. I hope this clears this up. ^_^

  4. ok i think i understand what you mean. wordpress is using GMT and the setting -7 hours causes your blog to use a time -7 hours of GMT. So 8pm UK time would be 1pm US time?

    so if i schedule a post for 1pm, it will be posted at 7am US time?

    is this correct?

    1. I’m sorry but I dont know the time difference between UK time and US time… but let me try to explain this in an example…

      Let’s say, we want to schedule a post that will be posted at 7am GMT.

      if wordpress time is GMT, then you should schedule the time to 7am.

      if wordpress time is GMT + 8 (Philippine time), then you should schedule the time to 3pm (7am + 8hrs)

      if wordpress time is GMT – 7 (UK time?) , then you should schedule the time to 12am (7am + (-7)hrs)

      I hope this clears this up. Umm I would suggest to set your wordpress time to US time so that you can just use 730am and it will be 730am US time.

  5. yes GMT is UK time. The default wordpress option was -7 in the “times blog should differ by box”, does this mean the blog is setup for US time? as i can’t see any other option to change the time.

    so if i schedule the post for 7am it would be posted 7am US time?

    1. Il make a post about this question of yours tomorrow. Ok? Right now, I just came from work and I’m dead tired from the traveling. hehe Thank you.

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