Shell FuelSave Gasoline

Trying out Shell FuelSave Gasoline

Shell FuelSave Gasoline

I was running out of gas when I drove my car to pick up my new Somnia Contour Pillows bought from Engoso. I remember seeing their new advertisement on tv regarding their new “Fuel Save” fuel so I wanted to try it out. Good thing I only use unleaded fuel because this new variant of fuel is only for unleaded and diesel. It doesn’t apply to their higher prized fuels.

Ok, here’s their claim (copied from the flyer).

Shell FuelSave Gasoline

Save up to 1 Liter per Tank*

With our new unleaded fuel or regular diesel.

Our Shell Super Unleaded fuel is now called Shell FuelSave Unleaded, and our Shell Diesoline Ultra is now called Shell FuelSave Diesel. They will help you save up to 1 liter per tank* every time you fill up with us. But because it’s our unleaded or regular diesel fuel, you won’t spend an extra centavo.

How Shell FuelSave helps you save up to 1 liter per tank*

Your engine can lose a significant amount of energy through friction and the build-up of fuel system deposits. Supported by over 100 years of fuel research, our scientists have developed an Efficiency Improver designed to reduce those energy losses.

Shell FuelSave fuels have undergone a rigorous testing procedure in our laboratories. It’s this passion for technological innovation that helps customers get the most out of every drop.

*Based on a minimum tank size and fill-up of 50 liters. Comparison between a standard gasoline and that same standard gasoline containing our instantaneous fuel economy formula. New data from urban cycle comparison between a standard diesel and that same standard diesel containing our instantaneous fuel economy formula. Actual savings may vary according to vehicle, driving conditions, and driving style.


Ok.. that’s very “scientific” but I’ll believe it when I see it on my car. They did test it in Europe streets but would this be applicable in our country where traffic jams are very abundant. I just loaded my car with a full tank of Shell FuelSave Gasoline so let’s see after a month or so.

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