2009 Blog Statistics 2009 Blog Statistics

This will be my first report where I will be discussing some stats for my blog.

Let me see, for this year, I reached around 1.1 million page views for this blog. That is really thanks to all the posts especially the ehem category which as of today, continues to bring me lots of hits. As for growth, I can say that indeed there was a big growth to my stats because when I compared this to my 2008 stat, I had a page view growth of 338%!

You may want to know where do these visitors come from? Well here is the breakdown.

  • Search Engines 540,396.00 (79.50%)
  • Referring Sites 72,399.00 (10.65%)
  • Direct Traffic 66,599.00 (9.80%)
  • Other 378 (0.06%)

For search engines, I will be releasing my top keywords that brought me traffic in this blog.

For referring sites, I would like to thank the following websites by giving me additional traffic. I hope you will continue to do so this year and till who knows when.


Once again, thank you very much for all those visitors you have sent me.

So what else? Hmmm I’m sure these are the boring stuffs you usually just skip through so I’ll be writing my income report then my top keywords.

Note: All statistics are gotten from Google Analytics

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