2009 Year End Report Year End Report

Another year has passed and is still growing strong. I must admit, in year 2009, I had a lot of ups and downs especially when Google slapped me hard (PR = 0 and gone from Google Search Engine). I nearly gave up because of that (lol I feel so weak) but I didn’t. I continued on even at a slower rate in writing new posts but never the less continued. 2009 Year End Income Report

Hmm I will make a new post for this but as of now, I can say, great! I’m really happy especially the growth of the blog’s income in the last months of 2009. It is not very far where I can already declare that my earnings online is already equal or greater than my real life job.

Top keywords that bring me money

This is the new trend of blogging nowadays. A lot of people start blogs and become keyword hijackers but it works. It really works really good. People really make good money out of this and that includes me. I will also compile and release my own list.

Goals for 2010

2009 has gone and I wasn’t really able to do any report like this back then. (Excuse: Part of me being down and not proud of what has been happening) But for 2010, I will also create my list of goals for the blog.

So watch out for my succeeding posts however, I might post some keywords now and then. ^_^

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