Silkenhut sets priorities thesis over blogging

I know that this will be bad for the blog as I mentioned before, “out of sight out of mind” but I have to do this.

The deadline for my thesis proposal is this Wednesday, July 25. Today is already July 23. I am planning to utilize these two days I have in finishing my thesis proposal so I might not be able to blog for a while (I guess two days or more). I guess this can affect the traffic of the blog but it is something I am able to sacrifice.

So good luck to me on my thesis! ^_^

13 thoughts on “Silkenhut sets priorities thesis over blogging

  1. Youre in the right track silkenhut!

    i support you in your endeavors. This just proves that a true blogger knows how to budget time well. Something that im continuing to work on.

    Best of luck!

    -Basketbolista from

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    Link Exchange again kabayan?? 😉

    1. Haha i just had to check my blog before I sleep. ^_^ Thanks for the comment.
      I have no choice but to prioritize thesis. Blogging can wait but thesis won’t. You have to keep on paying every semester until you can finish it.

      btw, added your link to the blogroll. ^_^

      EDIT : Hmm I realized that you tagged me. I will add it to my to do list after I pass my document. …. another temptation to blog.. darn you! ahah just kidding.

  2. Thanks everyone. I passed the document earlier today. Now my next hurdle will be the presentation itself. hehe

  3. Good luck on your thesis and keeping your priorities straight. I admire people who can do it ’cause I know I can’t or at least I never tried hard enough.

  4. Thanks again everyone. Now that I have passed my document, I can relax for a while before the presentation. I can blog again! yehey!

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