Silkenhut’s Blog to undergo major renovations

I would like to announce that Silkenhut’s World will be undergoing renovations for this week and perhaps maybe up to next week. Perhaps you might be wondering why it would take me atleast a week for the renovation. To answer that, let me share with you my plans for the renovation of the blog.

  • A new theme – Yup3x! I am going to be changing my blog theme. This has been decided after Selaplana’s review of my blog. At first, I was already thinking of changing my theme but I was just too lazy. However, after his review, I decided to change it. I hope that you will like the new theme.
  • Permalink change – Permalinks are the urls of the posts. As of now, the url has the pattern of /year/month/day/post-title. I would like to change it to simply, /post-title/. This is a delicate task since if I do this wrong, I’m going to lose 4months worth of links and I’ll be left with broken links all over the blog.
  • More Tweaking – I will be tweaking the blog to make it more presentable for everyone. I’ll add wordpress plugins that will make user experience very nice. ^_^

So there you are, my future plans. I hope you won’t leave me while I try to make this blog better.

6 thoughts on “Silkenhut’s Blog to undergo major renovations

    1. Yup. Actually, I’ve changed them already but I still need to double check my blog for errors. As of now, I’ve noticed that links that came from RSS feeds results into errors. hehe 😀

  1. Hello,

    I have just come across your blog today and was curious where you live in the Philippines? My wife is from Cebu, although we live in London (I’m English).

    Good luck with the upcoming changes to your blog!

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