Silkenhut’s Wishlist

Silkenhut’s Wishlist

Lately, I feel like wanting so many things so I’d like to make a list of them all to constantly remind me to work harder in order for me to buy them someday. Although most of them are simply “wants” and not really “needs”, it would be nice if I have that financial capability to acquire them. So let us start. (those that I already have are in front)

Camera – bought a Lumix ZS3 Camera

My first big purchase. Bought this one from Hidalgo Street in Quiapo. Two weeks later, it’s new version came out.. awww

External Harddisk – bought a HP Simple Save 1 TB Hard disk

This is more of an impulsive buy for me but it is very well used and has stored nearly 500GB already. I guess, I would need to get another one soon.
Already got my second at which is a  500GB Samsung M2 Portable Hard Disk.

LCD TV – Gifted with 32″ LG LH70YR

When I first saw this TV last December 2009, I was in love with it. Seven months later, I am now living with it. 🙂 Thanks Mama and Papa.

Cellphone – bought a Samsung Galaxy Y

Very Impulsive buy but I still like it very much.

Wish List Start!

Hmmm what else? 🙂

22 thoughts on “Silkenhut’s Wishlist

  1. I love the idea of creating a wish list, you have given me an awesome idea. I believe that what you have demonstrated here is the foundation of achieving any goal period. So thank you for reminding me to continue putting my goals on paper.

  2. Hmmm. What would be my wish list? I have a wish list before (laptop, camera, car)… but I just reach the first two and I think they are to be replaced now. But for car…I wish my blog is earning millions. Great blog, I found your blog in topblogs.



  3. Well, gwa gwa din aq ng mga ganyan, but I don’t know how to call it, exactly. Sabi ng buddy ko, ano yang mga pinagsusulat mo? Para kang ewan… Now, I can answer any such question. “It’s a wishlist, buddy.” Thanks at nkta ko blog mo…

  4. Hi Allen!

    Di ko mahanap contact mo kayanagiwan nalang ako dito ng comment. OK na yung blog address ko nalang yung anchor text ko. I’ll link you tomorrow, just mail me your anchor text nalang din. Thanks. =)

  5. Lol I HATE it when new products come out right after I purchase them. Especially with Apple because they don’t announce ANY info until 1 week before. Happened with my iPod Touch. I searched to make ABSOLUTELY sure there wasn’t a new one coming out in 2 months. Guess what, 2 months later it comes out with a new HD screen, HD Video/Picture. FAIL

  6. YES!! I just got a large television too. I was living with the refrigerator box TV for so long and it’s amazingly nice, convenient, and easy to use. Thank you technology

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