Silkenhut’s World gets reviewed by Inspirit Blog

I recently got a message from Abhinav Sood telling me that he has made a review of my blog. I was like, wow! somebody made a review of my blog for free! So I quickly went there and read his review of Silkenhut’s World.

Free blog reviews from Inspirit

Basically, his review started with the most recent screenshot of the blog and a snippet from my about me. It’s a nice way to introduce the blog you are reviewing.

For the review itself, it has been divided into two parts.

  1. Design & Layout – This part discusses about how you can navigate through the site, how the template looks and how the sidebar’s contents look like.
  2. Content and Usability – In here, he discusses about the posts that can be found on Silkenhut’s World.

I liked the way he made the review and the suggestions he provided. And the fact that he offers it for free is a big bonus, so I really would recommend you getting your blog reviewed by Abhinav @ Inspirit Blog.

Thank you very much Abhinav. ^_^

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