Silkenhut’s World gets reviewed by Selaplana

Last October 6, 2007, I asked Mr. Sustines Laplana if he can make a review of my blog in which he accepted and made the review. The review was entitled, “Learn Lessons from the SilkenHut Blog“. This post is a summary of what was mentioned in that review plus my personal thoughts and reactions. (The review was written on October 24, 2007)

On Alexa and Technorati Ranking

It was mentioned that I had an Alexa rank of 508,770 and a Technorati rank of 137,861. When I checked it now, I’m happy that my Alexa rank has now increased to 357,205. However, in terms of technorati rank, I was saddened when I saw that my rank was lowered to 155,439.

I decided to do a little investigation on the cause of this drop in technorati rank. My hypothesis is that Technorati looks at “” differently than “http://silkenhut” even if they point to the same blog. So I tried to check the both of their technorati rank and this is what I got.

  • – 155,439
  • http://silkenhut – 84,045

As you can see from the results, the address with “blog” in it has the higher technorati rank and for me is the correct Technorati rank for this blog. Do note that in Alexa, it does not matter which address I use because I still got the same rank.

On the blog’s theme

I’m not sure if Selaplana was referring to this blog’s theme in particular when he mentioned, “hate the way side bars are placed“. I’m assuming that what he meant was the general layout that looks like this…

…where the left sidebar would load first than the content thus would cause problems if something went wrong with the loading of the left sidebar. Basically, what was suggested is that the content should be given priority in loading and not the left sidebar.

When I started this blog, I did not know about the order of which should come first. I picked my theme based on my taste and what would look good in my eyes (hehe). Although I’ve been having thoughts before of changing my blog layout, I was too lazy to do it. However, thanks to Selaplana’s insight, it gave me the final push to change my theme. I’m going to be looking for a new theme to use and I’ll keep in mind what Selaplana has said. ^_^

On the blog’s content

It was mentioned that “you should make sure to show your authority to the topic you are writing“. Now this got me wondering. As of now, I do not consider myself an authority or someone who has been on the blogging scene for a long time. I’m just blogging as a form of hobby and to share what I’ve learned through blogging. I also don’t do this as a profession. However, I’ll do keep them in mind when I’ll start gearing towards professional blogging. ^_^

Another issue raised was about my post frequency. It’s unfortunate that the month where I became inconsistent was the time this blog got reviewed. I recently got a job and it took me a while so that I can adjust my new life. I had to sacrifice some of the blogging time to give myself ample rest and body resistance to go to work. Also, because of my new job, let’s say I had a long idea drought and my drafts were all drained out. (I’m giving out lots of excuses bwahahaha) Oh well, I’m going to do my best this month 😀

The closing remarks

I’m glad that I had my blog reviewed from Selaplana. I learned a lot! I’m sure that his review will not only help my blog but it can also help others who have similar situations just as me. So if you want to get your blog reviewed, don’t hesitate to contact him via his contact page.

4 thoughts on “Silkenhut’s World gets reviewed by Selaplana

  1. It would be better if you had your WordPress blog on your main domain instead of having it in the subfolder /blog. When I first started out using WP, I also had it in a subfolder but after a couple of months, I changed it and moved it to the main domain.

  2. Btw, I forgot to congratulate on you being reviewed by SELplana and also for improving your Alexa rank. Regarding, Technorati, you can always work on it and get it back or even make it even better. More power & God bless! 🙂

  3. i always change my blog theme every once in a while that suites my taste and that works perfectly when loading! syempre important ang content lagi… my theme is buti naman ganun.. unang nagloload ang content then ung dalawang sidebars… try it out kung gusto mong makita… hehhhe

  4. nice flow of thoughts..comedic yet the perspective is well-said. and i agree that having a job distracts us from blogging or should it be the other way around? hehe :)) well, good luck to your path towards professional blogging!

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