Sky Broadband Problems and Complaints

Sky Broadband Problems and Complaints

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I’m supposed to be blogging on my food blog and uploading pictures from the Max’s Restaurant Event earlier today but my internet just won’t cooperate with me. =(

I don’t understand why on some days, I can surf normally but on some days, like for the past 2 days, it has been a challenge even just to open other websites. I’ll try calling up Sky Cable Customer service at 631-0000 later as I got to sleep now.


Sky Broadband’s Standard Operating Procedure would usually be like this when you call them:

  1. They would ask for your account details to ensure your identity
  2. They would if there’s a problem in your area… if yes, they would explain it to you…
  3. If no, they would isolate it to your case and tell you that they will sending someone to check

Now with this, you can’t ask or do anything anymore until that person arrives. Sometimes they do arrive on time but sometimes you will waste your day waiting for them to arrive. So far, I have experienced both of these scenarios.

The usual issue that they found in my connection would be the super strong signal strength. They are checking a certain value in the modem and if this value is higher than the threshold, then I would be getting intermittent connection. The technician would then check the connection outside to adjust it.

How about your experience with Sky customer service?

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