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Sky Broadband – How to Upgrade your Speed for Free?

Sky Broadband – How to Upgrade your Speed for Free? 

Sky Broadband

Before we start, please read this note as this isn’t a hack or a cheat.

Note: Sky currently has a promo as of December 2013 where new subscribers can get 3 Mbps and 5 Mbps for the price of PHP 999 and 1999 respectively. For current subscribers, you will only get 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps for the same price respectively. This looks unfair right?

 Update: They now have a website specific for this purpose.

Now before you go on a rampage, request for disconnection and then apply for a new subscription; there’s a way to correct this and you can do it by contacting Sky via email (I did it first via twitter but they redirected me to email).

Current Subscribers : All you have to do is…

  1. Email to request for upgrade to your current subscription
  2. Provide details such as Account Name and Account number for faster processing
  3. They will reply to inform you that to avail of the upgrade, they will provide a 12 month lock-in period.
  4. Agree and wait for the implementation. (For me, they said it is going to take place on February 2014 so the waiting begins).

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PS: Although I’m not really happy on why we need to get that lock-in period for an upgrade that’s supposed to be free but… as long as they can deliver on their promise to upgrade my account then I’ll be happy none the less. Also, I hope we can really get that 3Mbps because it looks good on paper but if we can’t feel, then we would be frustrated customers!

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