Sky Broadband - New Plans 2015

SKY Broadband Upgraded Speeds for 2015

SKY Broadband Upgraded Speeds for 2015

Sky Broadband - New Plans 2015
Sky Broadband – New Plans 2015 – Now has 16mbps and 50 mbps

Around January 2014, I found out that Sky Broadband has been offering 3mbps for new subscribers with the same price of 999 where I (an existing subscriber) was only getting 1.5mbps. I called up sky and got my account upgraded too. Nearly two years later, my account once again gets another upgrade thanks to their newly released plans.

Recently, a lot of speculation has been spreading only where a new player is coming to town to challenge internet providers of our country. Ever heard of Telstra? So far, no concrete information / deal has been set between Telstra and SMC but people are already getting excited. Who wouldn’t especially if you are tired of paying first class rates for sub standard services right?

It looks like that even the internet providers themselves were affected as suddenly faster internet plans have started to show up. For example, Sky Broadband suddenly offers 16 mbps … while previously, for the same price, you will only get around 5 or 8 mbps if memory serves me right. PLDT has ramped up also their Fibr plans with a capped 50mbps at PHP 1899 and uncapped at PHP 2899.

As a SkyBroadband subscriber, I immediately subscribed to their new plan 1999 that offers 16 mpbs (a 5x increase from my current plan of 3 mbps for plan 999). Like how I got the free upgrade before, it was all done via an email request and once confirmed; a schedule has been set and it was done.

Contact Sky Broadband

To start the process, you will need to send an email to asking them for the change in plan. Do let them know the following:

  • Account Name
  • Account Number

They will reply to ask you to confirm that you agree for a 24 month lock-in period and a PHP 2000 pre-termination fee. Once agreed, they will schedule you for installation.

I used to complain about their scheduling as they don’t usually arrive on the day they were scheduled to arrive. However, in the recent home visits, they have been arriving on schedule and that’s a big plus on my end.

For this installation, they arrived around 3pm in the afternoon and it got installed/activated immediately. We are currently still checking out the performance but as of now, we can really say that our speed has definitely improved as compared to before. We will need to check on how much of the 16mpbs it can really achieve.

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