Cisco DPC2320 Wireless Router Cable Modem

Sky Broadband’s Wifi Cable Modem (Wireless Router)

Sky Broadband’s Wifi Cable Modem (Wireless Router)

Cisco DPC2320 Wireless Router Cable Modem
Cisco DPC2320 Wireless Router Cable Modem

With my bad track record with commercial routers (where they usually die after a year or so of operation); I decided to avail of Sky Broadband’s own cable modem + wireless router combo.

This is a welcome upgrade to the ancient (but still operational) cable modem that they have supplied more than five years ago. I have been trying to hint at the Sky broadband technicians that visit here to replace the cable modem but they won’t do it unless it is broken or not working anymore.

I was torn with two options: buy a new router and pray that it will last longer than my previous routers or avail of their wireless router / cable modem in one unit. I was lazy to research on what router to buy so I just decided to avail of the latter. The only disadvantage that I see would be in the case that it dies (furiously knocking on wood); I will lose both the router and the ability to connect to the internet as everything is on one device only.

It is a risk I’m willing to take so I sent a tweet to Skyserves to inquire and schedule the installation (which was a week after our tweet session).

On the day of the installation; they haven’t failed so far to make me waste a day waiting for their technician (like in previous visits) as their technician arrived at around 6pm.

Hardware installation was fast however our problem came during activation. The modem cannot be activated in their system; thus he recommended to come back again tomorrow to redo it.

I won’t allow it! I tried my best to keep calm and explain my situation to him. I believe I failed (to be calm) as I overheard him ask his supervisor to try to do something to help him out; he also mentioned that “sir is already mad here”. Minutes later; the modem rebooted on its own and it started working!

We tested it on a few sites; activated wi-fi and added a few devices … all is well so I’m glad that they were able to resolve it on that same day.


I paid PHP 1000 for the “modem” upgrade. The unit is a Cisco DPC2320.

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