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Sky Cable Failed to Show Up on a Scheduled Date – Disappointed

Sky Cable Failed to Show Up on a Scheduled Date – Disappointed

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We set a schedule with Sky Cable two days prior for the installation of a Digibox here at my sister’s condominium. They never arrived nor gave us updates so I ended up wasting my day calling them up 3x to follow-up and waiting for nothing.

*Disclaimer* Unedited rant.

I am currently in transition mode to living in a condominium after my sister gets married so we are currently changing the names into mine. One of this would be the Cable TV subscription.

Currently she is paying around 1k a month to Sky Cable for their services but since I’m not really a TV persons, I decided to downgrade the plan to their plan 280 and called up their call center. We noted down the instructions and sent a letter to them requesting for downgrade and scheduling it on Friday, June 18, 2010. Although they have already confirmed the schedule, I called them up on June 16 and June 17 to confirm again that the schedule is on June 18, 2010. We also had a special request that they should arrive before 3pm because that is when my work starts…

June 18 came and the NBA Finals Game 7 between the Lakers and the Celtics just finished and I was wondering, where are they? It was already around 12 noon and I’m hungry but still they have not arrived. I called them up and they said that they will follow-up on their technical team.

Two hours later, still no sign of Sky Cable so I called them up again. I was getting frustrated because it will be 3pm already but they are still not there. I got the same reply that they will follow-up but then again, what is the result of the follow-up? I continued to wait and around 430pm I called up again and this time, my frustrated self got the ahead of me.

I was already complaining to the Sky Cable Agent on why they have missed the scheduled time and what time they will arrive. Here are some points of the conversation that made me mad.

Answer 1: Agent says “Sir I’m sorry but it will take a look time to locate our technical team so I do not know when they will arive”.

That is nonsense! A company as big as Sky Cable doesn’t have proper communication lines? I’m sure even their driver driving that Sky Cable vehicle has a cellphone and can be contactable for sure. I really don’t understand how their system works there.

Answer 2: Agent says “I will escalate this issue then will follow-up on our technical team”

I replied back, isn’t that what the previous two agents did already because this is the 3rd time I have called today and nothing has happened. If he can’t locate their technical team, how can he make a follow-up? I also asked, what is the point of making a follow-up when I don’t see any changes to the situation. I’m still here at home waiting for your service crew to arrive so I could go to work already.

and he went back to answer # 1.

Answer 3: Agent says “our standard time is from 9am to 6pm. However, sometimes they go on overtime until 7pm and even 9pm”.

Is he bragging to me or what? Who cares if they go on overtime? I mean, does it mean anything to me that I’m supposed to be scheduled today but they are still not here?

I even asked, can you answer me , yes or no, will your service crew be able to arrive here today or not?

and sadly, that #^^%@^@#(&)( cannot answer this straight question but he gave me this…

Answer 4: Sir, we will contact you when the service team will already go to your location.

I was like .. wow, so I need to wait and wait and wait and keep on waiting until that call arrives. I also asked, what if it is 6pm already or 7pm even, and no call has still arrived, should I keep on waiting? How should I know if I have been rescheduled? Will I get a notification from you or what? How do I even know if I’m on your schedule?

Answer 5: Sir, we will contact you when the service team will not be able to go your location and to reschedule

How come I never got any updates today? I was waiting the whole day (literally wasting my day) but the only contact I got from you is when I call you up. I asked them to contact me if ever they will continue or not and as of this writing, I never got any message from them.

Now check this ironic situation,

as it was already around 5pm, I told them that I will now go to my office,  and in the case their “cannot be located” service crew arrives, tell them to contact me on my phone so I can go back and accommodate them. You know what the agent answered?

Answer 6: Sure sir, I will let them know of your contact number and tell to wait when they arrive at your place

Wow. Now he can leave them notes but he cannot locate them.

I was getting tired of the conversation because for me, this isn’t getting me anywhere and I’m just wasting my time so I gave them my contact number and told them to contact me. I never got contacted.

The bottom line is their call center is useless when you want to follow-up on their service. I was very disappointed and I’m already thinking in a negative way that this will not be the last rant I have for Sky Cable. LoL, should I optimize for the keyword, Sky Cable Philippines Sucks?

Sadly, Oriental Gardens Makati is locked to Sky Cable. Why the hell did they do that? Being in a monopoly would make them care less about their customers because regardless of what they do, they are the only choices .. similar to Meralco and their super high rates (but that is on another rant).

7 thoughts on “Sky Cable Failed to Show Up on a Scheduled Date – Disappointed

  1. ano na nga pala nangyari dito?

    hey magswiswitch na ako sa sky cable again and tomorrow daw sila darating. hope they can keep the schedule. hahaha. i wouldn’t be waiting for them the whole day unlike you.

    oriental garden ka lang pala. lapit sa office namin.

    1. Sorry ngaun lang nka reply. Well, after calling them a lot and complaining, the representative finally arrived last Monday (after I called that I reschedule it to Tuesday).

      I guess they have bad coordination between the agents and the technicians (which are btw, contractual workers)

  2. it's been 2 days now following up my 2nd cable box , yah right, you get the run around from these agents answering on their hotline (?) Sat. I followed up re: installation of my 2nd box and I even asked if they do install on a Sun. since you know its a rest day for almost everyone and the agent said 'YES THEY DO' so poor me didn't go out of the house the whole day yesterday just to wait for this damn contractor to come only to wait for no one to come – yah right bastos sila because they don't update you if they're going to come or not considering they get a whole lot of numbers where they can communicate with you yah bastos and sinungaling ang mga agents nila one said that the contractor was near our area na and that for sure they would install my 2nd box, are you serious? NO ONE APPEARED! then today they're telling me I will have my box installed…hellowwwwww have been waiting since 9 am what the hell is going on!$#(@ can somebody pls tell me the truth? Install or no install? So I don't have to wait..

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