Snow White and the Huntsman Movie

Snow White and the Huntsman Movie

Snow White and the Huntsman Movie

Last Friday night, Jessa and I watched the Snow White and the Huntsman Movie thanks to Nuffnang and SkinWhite. This is the 2nd movie this year that has a theme related to Snow White. The first one was Mirror Mirror which I haven’t watched but I’m thinking that it’s a chick flick and this is the 2nd one which has a more mature story.

Snow White and the Huntsman is about a girl who was so beautiful that the queen (her step-mother) wants her dead to stay as the most beautiful person in the land. When Snow White manages to escape, the queen hired a huntsman to hunt her down however due to their circumstances, the huntsman started protecting her instead and they work together to try and beat the powerful queen.

Snow White and the Huntsman stays true to the Disney cartoon movie that you probably have seen when you were a kid (e.g. Snow White, the queen, dwarves, poisoned apples, reviving kiss). However, there’s more to that than just the references to the cartoon. We have lots of magic, battles and wars, mythical creatures and a lot of special effects which made this 2 hour long movie enjoyable. The story was just so-so but why did they get Kristen Stewart to be Snow White. In the Twilight series, she’s being ridiculed as poker face and we thought that it was going to change with a change in role, but it didn’t. For the hunter, I still can’t remove his Thor image from my head and in his fighting scenes, I was waiting for him to say, HAMMER! But for me, the best part would be the queen. She’s a great villain and too bad villains rarely win in the end.

Overall, we enjoyed this movie so a big thank you to Nuffnang and SkinWhite.

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