[Facebook] Soul Crash Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Soul Crash Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Soul Crash Guide - Tips and Tricks and Cheats

About Soul Crash

Soul Crash is an action RPG game which has a similar game play to MyBrute. But why play Soul Crash? Because you can have a crucial control in your character’s moves unlike myBrute where you just watch and hope you get that lucky devastating attack.

In Soul Crash, your team consists of three members. These are your character and two of your friends who also play the game. If you don’t have friends however, there are also mercenaries that can fight for you but come at an expensive price.

Soul Crash Buttons - Tips and Tricks

There are three buttons in the game which help your character win battles. These are tag, counter and soul. Tag is swapping in one of your team mates. Counter is being invincible for a duration then unleashing a powerful attack. Soulis the ultimate attack in which your character does huge damage per attack and also being unfazed by any attack of your enemy. You stick take minor damage though.

So how do you activate these destiny controlling moves? You gain this through filling up the orbs in the battle. You gain orbs while attacking. You however gain twice or even thrice as much orbs while taking damage.

Stats are also crucial in making a powerful character. In the game, there are four stats. These are attack, defense, hit and evade. Increasing attack increases damage and guard breaker chance. Increasing defense increases the maximum HP and defense of your main character as well as increasing block chance. Increasing Hit greatly increases Guard breaker chance and also increases the chance to hit enemies. Finally, increasing evade greatly increases your character’s chance to evade an attack and also increases deflection chance.


Soul Crash Tips

If you don’t have a strong weapon, I suggest that you increase attack first in order to increase your damage so that you can kill the opponent in a few hits. Then, place some on defense to increase your survivability.

Increasing attack and Hit makes your character very strong and damaging but the opponent can one shot you with a counter attack since you don’t have much defense.

Increasing Defense and Evade will make your character very tough like a tank and the match would be based on who hits first and scores critical attacks. You will deal puny damage to your opponent however.


Remember to click the Tag button when it shines as it will lead to a higher damage output in a combo. Use your orbs wisely as a double Soul attack would be devastating.

This Soul Crash Guide for Facebook Written by Kevin

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