We recently got introduced to a game called SpaceTeam. It is a multiplayer game available for IOS and Android which promises to bring lots of fun, shouting and hilarious moments. You can connect with each other via Wi-Fi (router or portable hotspot) or via Bluetooth (cannot be cross platform meaning IOS Bluetooth cannot link with android Bluetooth).

So what’s the objective of the game? Imagine you are a team of astronauts or space travellers and all you have to do is to pilot your spacecraft to avoid asteroids, wormholes and simply just survive out there in space. Each player would have a panel with a set of knobs, buttons, and levers to use. As you go through the levels, instructions will show up in your screen and you need to either check if the instruction can be found on your panel or in your teammate’s panel. If it is in your panel, then activate it right away… but if it is not on your panel, you need to speak up so that others can activate it on their panels. There’s a time limit before you can miss the instruction and cause damage to your spacecraft.

It sounds easy at the start but as the levels go higher; panic sets in especially if your spacecraft encounters damages such as panels moving out of place, gooey substances show up, letters get jumbled, symbols instead of text and many more. It’s really fun shouting random words. One instruction that came into mind was a button which had the words “Regret” and the name of that button was “Career Change”; so the instruction was “Regret Career Change!”. Now imagine someone shouting like that! and many more funny instructions.

Here are the SpaceTeam download links.

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