Splashtop Software – How to Uninstall?

Splashtop Software – How to Uninstall?

Splashtop Software - How to Uninstall?

When I installed the Asus PC Client that includes Asus Sync and Asus Webstorage, it somehow installed this Splashtop Streamer software without me knowing. I realized that I didn’t need the Asus PC Client for now so I uninstalled all related programs but I couldn’t uninstall Splashtop Streamer. It doesn’t have an uninstall shortcut when you click on start and it doesn’t show up in the control panel > program and features. I tried going to its location in program files and I managed to find an uninstaller but after running it, the program is still in my computer.

It is an annoying program because every time the computer starts, it would show me a pop-up similar to the picture at the start of this post. I don’t know what this software is for and I certainly didn’t agree to have it installed so I’ll do my best to get it removed.

The first step I did was to try to uninstall it in this location.

C:\Program Files\Splashtop\Splashtop Software Updater

It managed to remove a few files but the folder is still there. I tried deleting the folder but it doesn’t allow me. It’s frustratingly like a virus.

I discovered that it creates two services so let’s disable it. You need to stop it first before you can disable.


Now I tried deleting the folder again and was successful! It wasn’t really a clean uninstall like how you would usually uninstall programs but at least it is gone.

There was this thread on Splashtop Streamer support that asked the same thing and here was the official reply.

Hi all,

If you can’t find the uninstaller from Windows Control Panel/ Add/Remove application, you can download our latest Streamer v1.7.0.4 from this link, then double click it to launch, there should be uninstall option to be taken. If there’s no uninstall option enabled, please try to complete the whole installation, then re-execute this installer again.


So you can use that as an alternative when you don’t want to follow what I did to uninstall Splashtop Streamer.

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