[PSP] Star Ocean First Departure PSP Game

Star Ocean First Departure PSP Game
Star Ocean First Departure PSP Game

Star Ocean First Departure is a remake of the Star Ocean game that was released only in Super Famicon. However, this remake brings us better graphics, animated cut scenes and a lot more features that wasn’t in the original release.

Star Ocean First Departure Expectations and Mini Preview

I must admit, I have limited knowledge on the Star Ocean series as I have only played a few hours of Star Ocean two in playstation 1 before. I have Star Ocean 3 on PS2 but wasn’t able to play it due to me and my ps2 getting separated when I went to college.

However, I have been reading the previews and looking at the screenshots around the net and I was really excited for its release. The fights are real time where you can move your character around and hit your enemy anytime you want (typical for action-rpgs). There is also the concept of skills (can be bought) which is different aside from gaining levels from experience. This should add more to how the player wishes to customize his own character. Specific skills can produce items for you, give you boosts, or even send a monster to go shopping for items (when you are in a dungeon and you are running out of potions).

After the finishing the game, you can still continue to do side-quests and face some bosses that are very tough (unless you are well prepared and have over leveled which I like to do in RPGs).

I just want to say that I enjoyed playing this game. The graphics were cool, fights were cool, and the story was cool! The private actions were very funny and you can learn more about their back stories if you manage to trigger them. These are the types of games that make me love playing RPGs. Star Ocean First Destination is a must play for RPG Lovers.

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  1. I’ve never even heard about it. Guess its been way too long since I stopped playing video games. Do people even play Counter Strike anymore? 🙂

  2. @Ling I used to play counterstrike before but since my peers have moved to other games, I have followed. But for now, the in thing is handheld gaming as we can bring it everywhere and play. 🙂

  3. @Sylv3rblade – Wow! I just found out about it today as I was too busy recently. Hopefully when I reach home later, I can already play it. But for now, I’m still playing wild arms once in a while. hehe so hows the game?

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