Stomach ache and Frequent Restroom Problem

Stomach ache and Frequent Restroom Problem

I have a daily schedule of bowel movement. Yet today, something is wrong…

Notice: I’ll try to be graphic here so if you don’t like to imagine some poop talk, don’t read any further.

It started this morning when I finished my daily schedule. I had oatmeal, milkfish and hamburger bun w/ chizwiz parmesan for breakfast. I believe I had two trips to the restroom with normal poop.

For lunch, I ate at Racks and I ate a 1/2 beef rack with about 2 and 1/2 glasses of their ice tea. After that filling meal,  started going around the mall.. and there I felt an urge to go the bathroom.

As I sat on my throne, I did a small huff and mini poop came out. I waited a while, grew impatient and cleaned myself. Then, there was also a Quickly Choco Loco Super.

For dinner, I had beefsteak tagalog (complained because it had sugar) and drank Bear Brand version of Yakult. And there, my night of huffing and puffing started.

I could no longer count how many times have I gone to the restroom since I finished dinner. All those trips were just short because I would simply, sit, do some puffs and get frustrated at what is going out of my body. I can see some solids there but it doesn’t look normal. If it was big and more solid, then I would call it normal but what I see are nugget sized poop which sometimes there are smaller, perhaps malteaser size. What’s worse is that, my butt is already crying in pain due to the friction (lol) caused by these frequent withdrawals. It feels like I have an open wound somewhere or somebody slapped my butt that the pain lingers.

Now I’m seriously afraid to poo now because of the pain. I might have bruises in my butt and that would take a while to heal (think of all the bacteria it gets to interact everytime you poo). It hurts when you push those malteasers out and it hurts to see that all those pain just resulted into malteasers.

I did some research!

  • If I poo too much, I read that I might get roids or hemorrhoids, (bleeding from within) and I certainly don’t want that.
  • I may have irritable bowel syndrome ? I don’t understand it but I am irritated by this frequent bowel movement
  • I need to beef up my fiber and water intake (I’ll have oatmeal and banana for breakfast tomorrow)
  • I drink water and gatorade after I poo to prevent dehydration
  • I really need to go see a doctor

My theory now is that this happens when I drink pro-biotics after dinner. This is the second time it happened as I felt is also last week after drinking Yakult after dinner. Same trips, same view, same effort.

Nice read..

So what do I do now to stop this madness

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