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I’m sure nobody has noticed but I’ve been posting quite a bit this week. The posts that I have made does not show in the homepage because I prevented it from showing up in there. Why did I do this? Why did I hide my posts? (The reason after the jump)

It’s simply because the posts I’ve made are very offtopic from the posts I usually write for this blog. If you would check out my categories section, you would notice a new category named “Ragnarok“. I just thought of that category this week and I’ve already made several posts for that category.

Stumble UponAlso another reason for that is I wanted to isolate my ragnarok posts so that I can monitor their traffic for my Stumble Upon test. Since the posts could not be found in the homepage, Google will not index them as fast as it usually does. This is because when Google crawls my site, it won’t be able to find them in the homepage so they won’t get crawled. The only way Google will discover them is through my sitemaps.

StumbleUpon Experiment

So I stumbled my Ragnarok posts, tagged them as “video games” and I’ve noticed this in my visitor logs.

Observations on StumbleUpon

I gained traffic on the day I stumbled these posts under the video game category. However, the posts I stumbled on December 25, 2007 received only 1-2 hits on December 26, 2007. So what does this tell me? It tells me that StumbleUpon is good only for 1 day of traffic. It did give me a spike in traffic on the same day I stumbled the posts.

What do you think?

Since this is my first time doing this, I’m not sure if I was doing the right thing or perhaps I did something wrong that’s why I only got one day traffic. Your thoughts are welcome. 🙂

You can visit my StumbleUpon account by clicking here.

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8 thoughts on “Stumble Upon – good for one day traffic

  1. Nice post, actually you just did a very good site organization, your point is right.. but posting it right in front of your homepage would help a lot of viewers know what’s new in your site.


  2. I have made my assesment for the stumble upon here.. It might give some idea to your visitors

  3. Stumble Upon traffic does seem to be going up. Stats on my blog also indicate more visits from stumble upon immediately after stumbling for at least a week. After that traffic from that stumble seems to fall off. They must have done something recently, because previously you could stumble all you want, but it made very little impact.

  4. I have recently started to stumble some of my posts and I have really enjoyed the results. At first I only received a 1-2 day spike and it fell through, what I ended up doing was trying to make a lot of friends and stumble many pages myself: eventually, I started building up and getting more page views daily from stumbleupon traffic.

    My google analytics page shows that when I stumble now (usually in the morning), I get about 500 stumbleupon views for that day direct from the site. After the first day it tends to die off until I post something else of importance.

  5. same results here

  6. Stumble upon and all other social sites are really good to get more and more visitors. I also have good experience with this.

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