Support for Ragnarok Bot Configuration

I regret to say that I will not anymore answer questions in regards to Ragnarok Botting since I already uninstalled the game. However, I will not leave you without anything to use so I’ll just direct you to sites that can help you.

In order to start your bot, you need to properly install it and make sure it works. This guide I wrote can help you.

Guide to Ragnarok Installation

However, you might encounter some errors along the way so I’ve also written some solution sheets for them. I hope you read them first before you ask questions.

I hope these are enough to help you. But if not, you can read the official OpenKore Manual.

OpenKore User Manual

OpenKore Support Page – Has bot configs for all classes (Acolyte/Priest/Monk/Champion/Swordman/Knight/Crusader/Archer/Hunter/Bard/Dancer/Thief/Assassin/Rogue
Merchant/Blacksmith/Mage/Wizard/Sage/Alchemist/Creator/Star Gladiator/Soul Linker/)
Also for Configuring Items

or you can ask around in forums and other blogs made for this.

and other forums. Sorry but I grew tired of the endless stream of comments asking the same questions over and over again. I learned how to bot just by reading so I hope you can too.

Good luck in botting.!

PS. I’m also closing comments on those posts to force people to read. hehe

8 thoughts on “Support for Ragnarok Bot Configuration

  1. hi,

    i already read all the forums and sites on how to bot a soul linker bot support inside the pvp room…

    but still…

    i just can’t get it…

    if you have some decent time…
    …………..would you mind giving me the complete program of it?


    just e-mail it to me please.

    God Speed.

  2. Hi,

    I have A problem about my bot in Ranarok Valkyrie. .
    can you help me. .

    i need to go to work every morning that’s why i cant observ my bot when he die he does not go back to the fild and kill some monster again. . and when the white potion is empty he can’t buy some. . and when he is over weight he can’t open the kafra and put all the loots in the kafra storage and go back to the fild again. .

    the p0int is, can you teach me how to configured it out the config of auto storage, auto buy potion, and go back to the fild again??
    Plssss help me!
    please help!! please!!

    1. Hi..i’m new to botting, as in newb status
      Just wondering, I play in Valkyrie Server and i’m level 56 assasin job level 16 and I want to configure a bot but all the steps seem too much for me @_@!! You seem to know a lot about this so I am requesting if you can help me out?

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