Swine Flu Discrimination

Swine Flu Discrimination

What will you do if you know someone who has Swine Flu? I’m sure with the current situation, that person will be ostracized. But that should not be the case. We should provide support for that person for this fast recovery.

People fear the A(H1N1) virus just like a man-eating monster but if you look at it, the only reason that it is a pandemic is due to its fast spreading techniques. As far as deaths due to swine flu, Dengue and TB would kick its butt for their awesomeness in killing people with the disease. You can only die from Swine Flu if you have weak immune system already which means you have other diseases that it will be a disease gang attack on you.

So fear not, Swine Flu has been over hyped and so people are so scared of it. Imagine closing the whole school for just 1 person. Ain’t he special? Treat swine flu just like any other flu.

  • Get plenty of rest
  • Be mindful of what you touch, smell, eat, lick, etc…
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Don’t be stressed
  • Buy some medications

I hope this fear of Swine Flu does not escalate just like this…


*got this pic from a forwarded email… Happy Weekend Everyone!

12 thoughts on “Swine Flu Discrimination

  1. Hmm… Guess toy world is just as bad as the real one, and you’ll quickly find out who your real friends are. I just hope the darn flu goes away quickly.

  2. Tsk tsk.. what a bad world for those who will be infected with that kind of virus or something. It just makes the person be disgusting for some sort of time.
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  3. I am shocked to hear that swine has started spreading my native land. I will surely spread your tips about how to deal with this epidemic to the my country people

  4. If you look at the pandemic of 1977, when H1N1 or Swine Flu re-emerged after a 20 year absence, there is no shift in age-related mortality pattern. The 1977 “pandemic” is, of course, not considered a true pandemic by experts today, for reasons that are not entierely consistent. It certainly was an antigenic shift and not an antigenic drift. As far as I have been able to follow the current events, the most significant factor seems to have been that most people, who were severely affected, were people with other medical conditions.

  5. i think that in asian countries the Swine Flu did not spread rapidly compared to those countries that are located in colder climates. we should still be very thankful that the swine flu did not cause massive infections.

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